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Having a town house is a dream for everybody, and is a lifetime achievement for many, especially in the middle class family and poor. People were struggling hard to get a town house, which is becoming a distant dream especially in metropolitan area. What you can do if this dream home would destroy by natural disaster or any other eventuality. What you can do, or whom you have to blame, if any unexpected thing happened. This is a big question which needed answer for many.

Along with other factors, basic elements of nature such as air, earth, fire, water and space likely to create any sort of disturbances in our surroundings. It may be today, or tomorrow, or may not be happened, but one should be careful against this type of eventuality. But, one thing is sure; It may come on its own way by unexpectedly. Any how we should be prepared to face the consequences, and have to take a wise decision. One such decision may be to get insure to your house.

  • Almost all general insurance companies provide solutions to insure the home under special peril policy.

  • These policies gives protection against damages triggered by fire, lightening, explosion, damage caused by aircraft, damage caused by riot, strike, malicious and terrorism activities, or damage caused by natural calamities like flood, storm, landslide, rockslide, cyclone, earth quake, hurricane, or damage caused by animal attacks.

  • Generally, the premium for this product is as low as 0.06 per cent along with service tax. For an example, for one lakh you may have to pay Rs. 67 per annum. Moreover, if you insure for ten or more than ten years, you can avail 50 per cent discount on premium. You can evaluate your house based on prevailing market rate.

  • But, many a times insurance overlooked both by investor and financial planner. Some may failed to understand the importance of insurance while some others get confused about insurance products.

That is advisable to insure your home to get your future secure. If you spend just few hundred rupees or dollars for insurance can rest you assured that you may overcome the financial burden caused by any unpleasant occurrence in future.


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