Iphone 4 Applications

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I’ve always been a fan of game applications for my iPhone4. I love my phone so dearly. Honestly, I can’t live without it. I got my first iPhone in 2008. It’s an iPhone 3G, got it as a reward from my telecom provider. At first, I was clueless on how to use it. I even didn’t know that I can surf the internet using WIFI. It actually took me how many months to discover that. Shame on me.

I had my phone jail broken because I was told that I can download free games. I didn’t know about App Store. I didn’t bother checking. Then I found out that I can’t upgrade the version of my phone if it has been jail broken. The decision I regret making.

I got my iPhone 4G in October last year. Since I already know the ins and outs of using an iPhone, I didn’t bother jail breaking it since I can download games anytime through App Store. There are some games that are fee, some are trial version that you can use for a limited time only, and some can be bought through Paypal, debit card or Credit Card. The games and other applications in my phone keeps me company when I’m bored. I also love the photography applications that I downloaded. Some are free however some I paid through my debit card. I didn’t regret purchasing it since it’s worth my money.

Here are the list of my iPhone games and applications that I downloaded:

  1. Cut the Rope

  2. Bejeweled

  3. Veggie Samurai

  4. Angry Birds

  5. Fruit Ninja

  6. Cooking Dash

  7. Typing Maniac

  8. Burger Queen

  9. Plants vs Zombies

  10. Tiny Wings

  11. Text Twist 2

  12. iSlash

  13. Egg vs Chicken

  14. Angry Birds Rio

  15. Cover Orange

  16. Wally

  17. Wally 2

  18. Supermarket Mania

  19. Zombie Runway

  20. Kung Fu Food

  21. STT

  22. Sushi Go Round

  23. Fruits vs Birds

  24. Frogs vs Pests

  25. Sims adventure

I realized that I already downloaded a lot of games from the application store. There are some that I already deleted because I find it lousy and boring. There are also other photography applications that I downloaded that I did not include in the list.

A tip to those who also love downloading from the app store, I strongly recommend to back up your iPhone in iTunes so that you can restore the games and applications you downloaded.


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