My Husband Resents Me! How to Improve Your Marriage Starting Today

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Feeling that your husband is not completely and utterly in love with you can be uncomfortable. When a woman begins to have serious doubts about what her husband feels about her that can undermine the foundations of their relationship with each other. Resentment is often at the root of this and if you choose to ignore, your marriage will surely suffer. If you are a woman who has been thinking to himself, “My husband was upset,” now is the time to change that. Unless you address why it bothers you, you will never be able to move towards a balanced, happy and content.

If you’ve been saying to himself: “My husband was upset,” trying to identify what led him to begin to feel that way at first. In some cases it is born of an argument is never really resolved. If your husband feels that pushed him to say he was wrong when they do not feel that way, will begin to suffer. The same is true if you made him apologize for something I did not feel he deserved an apology. Some women assumed responsibility for the shooting of her husband the cold shoulder until he says he is sorry. If you’ve done something like this, you can understand why your spouse can begin to suffer.

Another common reason behind the resentment in a child-centered marriage. If you happen to be closer to her children that her husband is, he may feel some resentment about that. Maybe you do not work as often as you do and you are able to spend more time with children. Obviously, this is useful for them and yourself, but can be harmful to her husband because he feels he is losing precious moments with them.

Dealing with resentment requires patience and a lot of touch. You need to address the situation without forcing her husband anymore. First try to identify what you feel is what causes that annoying. Then you need to talk calmly and openly to him about it. Allow the opportunity to express what it feels like you do and learn from that. If you can absorb what he tells you and then use that information to change what is causing the problem, you’ll find your marriage will improve greatly.

It is important to make clear to your husband that you are willing to take all necessary steps to move your marriage to a more positive and healthy. Make sure you understand that although you can see it bothers you, you want to work with him to leave behind those feelings. If you feel that you are being genuine, it will be much more willing to allow resentment to grow and replaced with worship.


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