Spend Your Holiday in Acapulco

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People come from all over the world to vacation in Acapulco. It has become an extremely popular place to go for a holiday. They tend to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the blue waters. Acapulco has deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, tennis to golfing.

Acapulco has a long history. People come to Acapulco to have fun, enjoy the sun and surf. They find all of these things in Acapulco.

When you plan your Acapulco vacation you must remember that Acapulco consists of three areas. The Playa Revoladero is the first area. Playa Revoladero is near the airport and south of Acapulco Bay. There is a long stretch of beach and a lagoon. There are a few resorts located around Acapulco Bay.

The second part is Puerto Marquis. This area is north of Playa Revolcadero. It is in between the airport and Acapulco Bay.

Acapulco Bay is a beautiful natural harbor framed by a mountain range. Acapulco has 24 hour night life.

Culinary options in Acapulco are endless. They have some of the most authentic Mexican food found anywhere. The restaurants offer out door seating. Some have views of Acapulco Bay. A person can enjoy dinner while watching the sun set over Acapulco Bay.

Acapulco is a terrific place to go if you want a beach vacation. There are many resorts with secluded beaches and hidden coves where a person can just relax on the beach or swim in the pool. You can also go water skiing, Para-sailing, scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling. One can also play a round of golf on a private golf course.

Acapulco has some of the best parasailing in the world. They offer every water sport there is. The deep sea fishing in Acapulco is fabulous. You can go fishing for sailfish and marlin in the Pacific Ocean. You will have a fishing trip you will never forget. Some of the largest trophy fish are caught in the waters off Acapulco. They have several trophy fishing tournaments in the waters off Acapulco.

You will also find great night life in Acapulco. Anything you can possibly want in a holiday you will find in Acapulco.


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