Protect Your Eyes With Ayurvedic Remedies

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Eyes provide us sight, which makes our lives lively. They are the most useful sensory organs of knowledge. But the eyes are the delicate parts of the body, constantly exposed to the external environment. The blazing hot summer days with hot wind is really a challenging time for your body, especially for your eyes. Special care of eye is very important, especially in summer. Those who spend hours in the spotlight of the sun should take it very serious to take proper care of their eyes.

Summer dangers to the eyes

The hot rays and the hot wind of summer cause health problems for the eyes. The wind brings heat as well as a lot of foreign particles. The organs of the eyes are affected by the dust and heat of summer. Wherever you go, be it a beach or a theme park or resort, it is quite important to safeguard your eyes. Protect your eyes from the attack of UV rays by having proper shades or sunglasses.

Eye care in summer sports

Eye care in summer needs the attention of all who are involved in outdoor summer activities. Summer time brings the fun of playing baseball or beach volleyball. But the glaring makes your interesting game more irritating and a disastrous one. Dr. James Bureman, Director of Missouri Eye Institute warns, “A real bright, bright light can cause an inflammatory response, causing damage to the optic nerves. Protecting the eyes from the danger of injury during play is equally important as protecting them from UV radiation and heat.

Ayurvedic care for the eyes

Ayurveda is an important ancient medicinal science which has been successful used for more than 5,000 years. Ayurvedic eye care is becoming popular in the new global trend of modern eco-friendly treatment.

1)Triphala is an effective Ayurvedic herbal product prepared by mixing herbs such as amalaki, haritaki, and bhibhitaki. The triphala lotion is generally prescribed by Ayurveda for many eye problems. The choorna or powder of this mixture powder is soaked in water for half an hour to get the lotion. Eyes are washed with this lotion, three or four times in a day. Triphala lotion is effective to treat eye problems such as conjunctivitis and red eye. Washing the eyes regularly with triphala is healthy to the eyes since it keeps them moist. Take Triphala powder can be consumed with honey and pure ghee while going to bed at night. In Ayurveda this combination is also called as Netra rasayana (eye tonic).

2) Another Ayurvedic preparation called Chandrodaya vati is used for eye care. It is made into a paste in water and applied externally over the eyes. Chandrodaya vati, which means an eye application at the rise of the moon, is beneficial in the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis and eye irritation.

3) Ilaneerkuzhambu is another eye application ointment, available in Ayurvedic pharmacies, which strengthens optic nerves and heals many disorders of the eye.

4) A mixture of aniseed powder and coriander seed powder in an equal proportion, taken with an identical weight of unrefined sugar, 12 grams each morning and evening is also good for cooling the eyes.

5) Ayurveda suggests eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, rich in beta carotene. Eating carrots, spinach, papaya and mangoes helps to have healthy eyes. It protects the eyes and body in a healthy condition.

Eye care is very vital in modern life they require work and effort. Ayurveda suggests the three keys of health, namely exercise, proper care and balanced diet with excellent nutrition, to keep up the eye care. They are not only your optical assets but also your shield of health protection.


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