The Top 10 Disney Princesses

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10. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a Gypsy who uses her talents in dancing to earn a living. She has a strong sense of social justice, and stands up for her beliefs, as shown in the movie. This is illustrated by her defiant attitude towards the injustice shown by Judge Claude Frollo towards Quasimodo during the Festival of Fools.

This same principled, strong attitude surfaces again when, rather than save herself from the pyre and consent to serve Frollo (whom she despises), she refuses and spits in his face. She is shown as being kind and non-judgemental; along with having a high emotional intelligence in dealing with people (g.e.d., drawing the repressed Quasimodo out of his shell). She’s quick witted with a somewhat dry sense of humor.

9. Snow White

Snow White is a beautiful and young princess born to her mother, who is later deceased. Her father married again to let Snow White have a motherly figure. Soon, Snow White’s father died. Her stepmother, The Evil Queen, is very jealous of her beauty and forces her into slavery. But Snow White remains pure hearted, innocent, and a bit naïve, but she never loses faith that one day her true love will come and take her away. She is always cheerful and kind, no matter how horribly the Queen treats her. She seems to be an optimist, who will always see the bottle half full, no matter how bad things may seem.

As a born dreamer, she loves helping people less fortunate than herself and never judges others by the way they look, sound, etc. And with a kind, gentle and feminine nature, she follows her heart and does what she feels is the right thing even if it can lead her into trouble. For example, she helps a suspicious, ugly old hag (who was actually the Evil Queen in disguise) by bringing her into the cottage after Grumpy told her not to let anyone in to protect herself. She sees the beauty in everyone and everything, almost to a fault, but through it all she’s a good person with a huge heart and a motherly soul that can charm anyone, even Grumpy.

8. Tinkerbell

n her most widely known appearance in the 1953 animated Peter Pan film, the character was animated and had no dialogue. Tinker Bell has been one of Disney’s most important branding icons for over half a century, and is generally known as “a symbol of ‘the magic of Disney’.” She has been featured in television commercials and program opening credits sprinkling pixie dust with a wand in order to shower a magical feeling over various other Disney personalities, though the 1953 animated version of Tinker Bell never actually used a wand. In the picture and the official Disney Character Archives, she is referred to as a pixie. She is also featured in the opening of all Disney films flying over the Magic Castle (in a counter-clockwise direction, right to left).

There is an urban legend that the original animated version of Tinker Bell was modeled after Marilyn Monroe. However, Disney animator Marc Davis’s reference was actress Margaret Kerry. He illustrated Tinker Bell as a young, attractive, blonde haired, big blue eyed, white female, with an exaggerated hour-glass figure. She is clad in a short lime-green dress with a rigid trim, and green slippers with white puffs. She is trailed by small amounts of pixie dust when she moves, and this dust can help humans fly if they believe in happy thoughts. Some critics have complained that Disney’s version of Tinker Bell is too sexually suggestive.

7. Pocahontas

Pocahontas’ name means “Little Mischief” or the “naughty one” She is based on the real historical figure, and was born into a highly sophisticated Native American culture that had some knowledge of Europeans. Pocahontas is displayed as a noble, free-spirited and highly spiritual young woman. She expresses wisdom beyond her years and offers kindness and guidance to those around her. She loves adventure and nature. In the film, she appears to have shamanic powers since she was able to commune with nature, talk to spirits, empathize with animals, and understand unknown languages.

In the sequel, Pocahontas seems to have grown after thinking that John Smith had died. She keeps her independent spirit and playfulness, but is much more mature and self assured than she was in the first film. During her stay in England, she nearly loses herself in the hustle and bustle of this new world and is turned into someone she is not. But in the end she bravely intends to sacrifice herself for her people’s safety and returns to her homeland, finding herself, and love, once again.

6. Mulan

Mulan is kind, bold, self-reliant, strong-hearted and shows little interest in romance. She is the Princess of Honor and does not fit in with the expectations of a young Chinese woman of the time: graceful, demure, obedient, feminine and silent. Instead she is clumsy, outspoken, tomboyish and independent. Early in the first film she is very insecure and self-loathing, thinking that she will only continue to dishonor her family. As the story continues she starts to gain confidence in herself and after saving China, she finally sees herself as the person she always wanted to be, having brought honor to her family and country. Her courage, determination and extraordinary ingenuity help her through her adventures, while she maintains her respect for others.

5. Cinderella

Cinderella is a beautiful young woman in around her late teens with honey- blond hair as seen in the film, but her most known hair color is yellow, however. She also has light blue eyes, rosy pink lips, and small feet.

Cinderella is made a servant in her own home and is constantly derided by her evil stepmother Lady Tremaine and two stepsisters. Although she is shy and romantic, she maintains hope through her dreams and always waits for her prince to come. She is hopeful to the idea that someday her wishes of happiness will come true. When her evil stepsisters and stepmother prevent her from going to the ball, she is unhappy and fears that her dreams will never come true.

However, her Fairy Godmother appears and restores hope. In her childhood, she hardly went to play with other children because of her dreams about the Prince. She adores the mice and birds as her friends. Cinderella is strong-willed and determined; when the invitation to the royal ball arrives, she does everything she can to persuade her stepmother that she has every right to attend. She is presented in the film as a sympathetic heroine; well-meaning, hard-working, and positive.

4. Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is a young girl with beautiful golden hair in loose flowing curls, violet eyes in which give her a rare figure, a short and petite figure, and strawberry-pink lips. She is thought as Disney’s most beautiful Princess.

Aurora is a kind 16-year-old girl. Her most prominent personality trait is her passion for love. The good fairies of the kingdom, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, have blessed her with beauty and the gift of song. She is lonely most of the film, as she has lived in a cottage in the woods. An enjoyer of the simple things in life, Aurora often wonders why her aunts treat her like a child and wishes to meet new people and make her own decisions.

But still, seeing as she is young and addictive about the world around her, she feels her aunts know what is best for her and is very obedient towards them. For example, she runs away from Prince Phillip when she realizes she is talking to a stranger, something the fairies told her not to do. Also when she is under Maleficent’s spell and is about to touch the spindle, she hesitates when she hears the fairies tell her not to touch anything, only to be overwhelmed by Maleficent’s power.

3. Jasmine

When she is first introduced, Princess Jasmine is a few days short of her 18th birthday. She is the daughter of the Sultan who has issued, by law, that she must choose a husband (a prince) to marry. She is a very spirited young woman with a mind of her own and yearns for freedom just like most teenage girls. However, unlike most Disney princesses, Jasmine does not show much interest in finding a true love or a husband. She has a bottomless supply of willpower and is very clever.

Headstrong, self-confident and full of vigour, Princess Jasmine is not afraid of adventure. In fact, she is a very curious and very brave young princess who wants to see the world just as it is, not cooped up in any sort of palace. Though rich and powerful, she does not give herself airs and wishes to live a simple life. [edit]Physical appearance She is a very beautiful young woman with an hourglass figure, beautiful dark Arabian skin, wide dark brown eyes, and full red lips. She also has thick and lovely black hair tied into a stylized low braid with aqua elastics and also wears a blue headband with a sapphire set in a golden frame. -Wikipedia.,org

2. Belle

Belle is a young woman living in the French countryside with her father, an inventor. She’s a lovely free-thinker who likes to read and go on adventures within her own imagination. She is not shy and is not afraid to speak her mind, especially in tight situations, though she can be slightly hesitant when nervous. She is very compassionate and takes care of those in need. She can be stubborn and always tries to protect people she truly loves. She’s also very patient towards others.

A true dreamer and a lover of fantasy and adventure, Belle is a shrewd nonconformist for her time in many ways. The most pronounced is her love of books, excitement and knowledge, which the townspeople find odd for a woman. Gaston says to her at one point, “It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and…thinking…”. Belle also does not care about appearances, whether they pertain to herself or anyone else. This is highly ironic, considering she is seen as the most beautiful woman in her village. In the song Belle, a woman sings, “It’s no wonder than her name means beauty. Her looks have got no parallel.”

Through the film, though more apparent in the broadway musical in her solo song, A Change in Me, Belle changes her view of the world. In the beginning she craves adventure and excitement, but after her days with the Beast, she grows to see that she no longer needs her childhood dreams and she sees that she likes life how it is now that she’s found her love.

1. Ariel

Ariel’s original design was developed by animator Glen Keane, who reportedly said in an animation lecture that she was based on his own wife. The choice of red as Ariel’s hair color was the subject of dispute between the filmmakers and studio executives who wanted the character to have blonde hair. Ariel’s appearance was also based on actress Alyssa Milano, who was 16 at the time, and female model Sherri Stoner, who provided live-action references for the animators during the development of the film. Ariel is considered the most beautiful daughter of King Triton’s children, with an equally stunning singing voice to match. She is the only Disney heroine to have flowing red hair.

Compared to the conventional beauty of the other Disney princesses, Ariel’s looks are sweet and innocent, giving her an air of purity and child-like cuteness. Ariel’s most distinct and recognizable outfit is her iconic purple strapless seashell bra. She was introduced to the world wearing this, and it’s featured in most of the film’s related franchises. Accessories sometimes include various flowers in her hair, along with her mermaid tail, which is a distinct green color.

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