Bacteria in The News

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When we examine our world we find that bacteria is just about everywhere. Exactly what may be amazing to many folks is that we’ve got a lot more bacterial cells inside the body when compared with our own human cells, about ten times as much. Thankfully for us almost all this bacteria within the body or on the skin is actually retained harmless through our immune system. Many of the bacteria we’ve inside our body is actually beneficial. The bacteria we are learning about in the news today nevertheless is consider pathogenic (damaging) bacteria. What do we Consider Harmful? Several of the bacteria you could have heard of that are pathogenic are, syphilis, cholera, bubonic plague as well as leprosy. One type of bacteria which is getting into the media lately is MRSA or commonly referred to as MERSA. This bacteria was one time regarded as uncommon, however today it seems to be making a recovery. What’s truly incredible concerning this bacteria is that healthy people can hold this bacteria for many years without any signs and symptoms. Once an individual show symptoms however this particular bacteria can be very difficult to cure. MERSA is definitely proving to be a fatal disease in people with compromised immune systems. MERSA initially presents itself as modest reddish bumps that look like pimples. Within a few days the bumps become larger, fill up with pus and turn painful. A Healthy Immune System Since our immune system is what shields us from dangerous bacteria it stands to reason that this is the best defense we’ve got against MERSA. Keeping our immune system healthy doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be as easy as eating a proper diet, moderate exercise and making sure we get sufficient sleep. Another key to retaining our immune system healthy is keeping anxiety levels low. This can be accomplished through relaxation techniques, biofeedback, yoga or simple soothing walks through a park. As the world continues to become more noxious there is no doubt that MERSA will continue to increase. Making wholesome choices regarding our lifestyles may be our greatest weapon against this bacteria.


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