All About One Nasty Word!

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The whole idea of moving to another place can be dreadful to think about at first.  The boxes- bags- maybe the china being broken- is not an idea of good times.

As with anything, having a mini plan might help with the details of a big move.  First, involve your whole family.  This includes any children.

Get your kids to go into their rooms and go though their clothes and toys.  Any stuff they don’t want, give to charity.  You can make them responsible for their bedrooms.  Give them boxes to pack stuff up.  This way they know what they have, you know what they have, they can feel good about giving to charity and they feel like they are part of the move.  You can also make it like a game.  Kids like games and most kids what to help and feel important.  They can also help with any packing things that cannot break easy.  This way they help and they are not bugging you all the time.

One room at a time!  When I was moving around alot, I realized that by doing one room at a time, I felt like I was doing something instead of seeing boxes all over and nothing being finished.  When I move I always make sure I can carry my boxes.  I never over load any of the boxes or bages.  This way I can help carry boxes if I need too.  Don’t forget to mark your boxes with the items you have in it.  This makes it easier to place it in the right room in the new house.

I always have one box or bag full of things I need at the new place right away.  Things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, any food supplies, any medications or anything else you might need.  You might want to keep the highly personal or valuable stuff with you instead of in the moving truck.

. The professional movers get weighed before and after (they are full of your stuff).  Go with them and make sure of the total weight.  You are paying for the weight and the miles you are moving.

Remember that breathing is a must!  When things look like a dust storm, sit for a minute and re-lax.  Breathe!  The move, itself will not last forever!!

Enjoy your new home!


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