The Island of Jersey

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Since the weaher God decided to give England a hot summer and the government a pressure on the econmy it would bea good idea to go to Jersey. closed to the southern coast of England and not far from the nothern shores of France. The beaches are not so full as in Spain and therefore more peaceful. The food is excellent since it has a great reputation for their potatoes, milk, cheese and fish.

For shopaholics it is a paradise because Jersey has no VAT therefore there are lots of bargain to be had which would help to reduce the expense of the holiday. All sightseeing are wthin short distance.

The beautiful St Brelade’s Bay has a wonderful church and close by a Ficherman’s Chapel. It is thought the tiny chapel was built in 6th century. It is on a hill and the beautiful view of not very crowded beaches is breathtaking. North of that is worth a visit to the La Mare Wine Estate and you won’t regret that either. They also make delicious biscuits and chocolates.

When you visit St Helier the captial of Jersey you find not only a shopping centre but also two markets. One market has all the local produce and the other a great variety of fish. A fascinating Marilyn Monroe exihition can found in the Museum. An eccentric islander David Gainsborough Roberts collected her outfits. The museum has many other interesting exhibits which show the history of the island.

The award-winning Jersey War Tunnels are evidence of the Nazi occupation from 1940-45. It shows how the islanders had to adjust to the Nazi invaders.

For animal lovers there is the famous zoo of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which houses gorillas, lemurs, meekats and many other species the trust tries to save from extinction.

A visit to the Open Garden at St Etienne would be most enjoyable. It will be an unforgettable experience for plant lovers.

At St Brelade is a magnificient Jersey Lavender Farm. They still harvest the lavender by hand and produce many products.

There is nothing but Jersey if you want to enjoy not overcrowded sceneries, sample pubs, eat a great variety of food in verious restaurants.

A hotel which could be highly recommended is The Sommerville. It is on a hill overlooking St Aubin’s Harbour. Lovely rooms, great service and food which could make high class restaurants envious.

These are only some of the sightseeings. There are so many which would fill all the pages not to mention the many festivals.

Well, I hope you will be impressed by the description of this beautiful Island and decide to visit it which will be unforgettable. You also will be going back times and again. Enjoy your holiday (vocation)

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