General Instructions For Opening of Accounts, Part 1

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General Instructions for Opening of Accounts, Part 1


S J Tubrazy

 The general instructions for opening of accounts in Manual of Deposit Accounts of bank may as enumerated:‑

 Introduction of Account

Introduction shall be obtained from a respectable party known to the Bank while accepting the account of a new account holder on the strength of its introduction, the Branch Manager shall satisfy himself that ‑

(a) the signature of the introducer is genuine ;

(b) the introducer is a reliable party of good means and well known to the Branch ; and

(c) the introducer personally knows the account holder whose account he has introduced.

 Introduction by staff other than Officers holding power of attorney prohibited

No other staff member except the Officers holding power of attorney shall ‘introduce any account, after having ensured that the account holder is personally known to them, and has signed the AOF in their presence.

 Verification of introducer’s signature

The signature of the introducer shall be verified by the Officer‑in‑Charge Deposits Depart­ment/Cancellation Officer in case of big Branches.

 Manager to sign in full on specimen signature cards

All Specimen Signature Cards shall bear the full signature of the Manager/Second Officer/Deposits incharge and the “Signature Admitted” stomp affixed near the specimen signature of the account‑holder.

 Approval of Manager

(a) The Manager’s approval shall be obtained on the Account Opening Form. In case of big Branches, the Officer-­in‑Charge, Deposits Department may also approve the Account Opening Form.

(b) (i) The signature on the Specimen Signature Card must be blocked in red ink by the initials of the Account Opening Officer at both the ends of the signature. The blocking will be a protection against tampering with the signature.

(ii) The Specimen Signature Card must be kept up‑to‑date and balanced periodically to ascertain that no card is missing.

(iii) As soon as a continuous variation is noticed in the specimen signature of a client, his fresh signatures are to be obtained on his Account Opening Form and specimen signature cards by the Manager only. It is to be carefully noted that the Manager only has to admit fresh signature under his signatures.

 Authentication of the signature of account‑holder

The signature of the account‑holder shall be authenticated by the Manager/Officer Incharge Deposits Department by signing across the stamp “Signature Admitted” on the Account Opening Form and Specimen Signature Cards.

 Authentication of the Account in the Ledger

The opening of the account and issue of Cheque Books in the Ledger shall be authenticated by the Manager/Second Officer/Officer Incharge, Deposits Depart­ment by signing across the Title of the Account and in the Cheque Series Cage. Account Opened & Closed Register shall also be initialled by him.


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