Safe, Natural Adhd Alternatives To Medical Drugs

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Despite the number of children coming into adulthood with symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, (ADHD), there seems to be no medical breakthroughs in this form of mental dysfunction other than the normally prescribed ADHD medical drugs issued by medical science.

However, it is said that when medical science says “there is no way”, there indeed is a way other than what conventional medical science declares. And that “other way” seems to be in the arena of several natural ADHD alternatives in health practices which begin with a change in lifestyle and nutritional eating habits.

Additionally, there are other areas which today are being addressed such as: appropriate exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements, diet changes, general changes to lifestyle and other natural methods to deal with and fight the illness “naturally”; thereby, making the outlook promising of ridding children or adults once and for all of this form of mental illness.

Because of a lack of the appropriate nutritional elements in diets, there have been a great deal of cases reported of ADHD children that HAD NOT been fed infant formulations containing essential Omega 3 oils yet, breast fed infants showed no indication of having developed the illness. Moreover, recent studies also indicate children NOT HAVING consumed nutritional elements such as: magnesium, iron and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements had shown a definite propensity to developing ADHD-related symptoms.  Therefore, below is a brief breakdown of essential nutrients which are currently being examined for their successful effects against ADHD symptoms.

Zinc:  Very promising are studies currently being undertaken which log the effect of zinc in the fight to reduce hyperactivity. Some of the naturally occurring zinc-rich foods are: oysters and marine food in general, beef, fowl or poultry, dairy by-products, legumes, nuts, grains, and unprocessed cereals.

Iron:  Also beneficial of natural ADHD alternatives treatment is iron which for many persons results in a toxic effect when taken in large quantities; moreover, there remains the possibility of there being a contra-indicative reaction with an already previously prescribed medication.

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids: The latest research results show that the addition of Omega 3 and other fish oils may help reduce ADHD symptoms; consequently, eliminating them completely within a short period of time. Some marine food containing high content Omega 3 fatty acids oils are: Atlantic and Pacific sardines, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, albacore, herring, mackerel, trout, and anchovy.

Especifically effective in combating symptoms of ADHD is the addition of olive oil and the elimination of sugar, most grains and high-starch carbs from the children’s diet. The latest studies indicate that up to 80 percent of ADHD children can have symptoms eliminated within two weeks once these simple lifestyle changes are implemented.

Yes, with the before mentioned nutritional and lifestyle changes being made to part of a child’s routine and regime, there is now much more hope and muscle for eradicating the distressful and unwanted symptoms of ADHD in a safe manner with natural, alternatives in treatments.



Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, March 15, 2011


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