I Like to Play Games on Facebook

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I am a member of Facebook privacy settings

I like to play games. Moville is a game. I’m always looking for ways to try to produce more parts. I believe this game takes time in Facebook privacy settings.

I’ve learned that you can send gifts or write a note for most of the pieces by Facebook privacy settings.

I learned that you can store up to 400 pieces visit with his friends every day.

I also learned that you get 2 points for each visit of a friend. Make sure all your friends check points level up with Facebook privacy settings.

I learned through leveling to earn points for free. This is a library. It’s more than you level. If you pass Level 3, there is a secret room in Facebook privacy settings. I have a box of gold hidden in the mine. (What do you make your own? I do not share all my picture secret room).

I have learned that the bottom of the screen where it says “Your profile Moville” Click on this link in a position to doses of gold and additional gifts collect leaves by Facebook privacy settings.

You can also send and receive balls. The balloons are used to create the profiles of other members. Sometimes one is surprised to throw a ball. Like a bar of soap by Facebook privacy settings.

The points you get, the higher your level. You can get many different things to get small amounts of points in Facebook privacy settings.

You can go to the candy store every day to collect coins. You can use different terms for the kitchen. Yes earn some more money. I have more money USNG Moville plant that took him away. I’m always looking for tips to earn more in the candy factory in Facebook privacy settings.

Gradually, I’m saving for a house. So I can leave my apartment in Moville.

What do you think the house is worth buying? Should be more rooms than the other? Or would you rather stay in his apartment in Moville?

Would you like to share tips to earn more coins or points on Moville?

Play Moville? What do you think the game? (Just look at Sandy Segar.)

Share photos of my room by Facebook privacy settings. Click on each see a bit more to be done, if desired.


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