It Doesn't Have To Be Organic: Simple Inflation Busting Eating Tips To Better Health

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          Well, the verdict is in even to the most lacking of common sense and susceptible to gullibility: inflation is on the rise and there is nothing anyone can do.  Well, not exactly. YOU can do quite a bit at least with the most obvious area of rising costs: your food bill. One doesn’t have to spend a fortune eating organic foods which may not be organic at all with these simple inflation busting eating tips; moreover, you and your family can still enjoy good health while doing it.

There is a one primary way for you and your family to begin your inflation busting: educate yourself with the truth.   And just what is the truth? The truth is that the Federal government, the food industry, the health care industry and especially pharmaceutical companies are all in bed together. Yup! That’s right. They feed off of each other to keep you and your loved ones as sick as they can.  If not, they don’t stay in business. There I said it!

And less the truth be further known, many organic or “whole” food producers are in the same bed with the others. The public’s health has nothing to do with their industry. You see, it’s called “materialism”, “big business”, or in the Bible, “mammon”. It is also called greed. There! That’s another one I said!

Okay, back to not having to eat nor spend organic in order to keep your health.  This may seem like a contradiction but hang in there with this writer. Without a doubt eating organic is the way to go. (1)

Well actually, the r-e-a-l-l-y best way to go is to grow it yourself: in containers, on balconies, on fire escapes, in plastic milk jugs, or on the window sill if you must. Start with simple things such as tomatoes, garlic, lettuce, etc. The important thing is to start NOW! That way if you grow it yourself you can be certain there has been no one defecating or urinating on the soil such as would happen on farm lands tended to by farm hands. Well, maybe the neighborhood cat might but you do understand what I mean right?

Okay, let’s continue. Forget about converting to organic food all at once. Quick transitions are many times costly, impractical and frustrating to the point you just might not want to change. Go slowly and don’t get crazy.

Assuming you’re not a strict vegan or vegetarian, try to eat minimally processed meats and fish. When the farmed-raised, grass-fed meat products and caged-free chickens are unavailable, I do the best I can – I opt for the “minimally process” meats and poultry found at my grocery store.

Usually you will find although not classified “organic” it does say no preservatives or no hormones or no sodium nitrates on the package.  It’s definitely not as expensive as pure organic food and it’s not as detrimental to your health as regular processed products.

Concerning seafood, sometimes this writer has to wonder if the government and food industry warnings about mercury contaminated fish is a reality or a hype to slander one segment of the food industry against another.  You did know that happens right? Remember how they discredited the egg as being bad for the heart? Now the USDA says the egg is supposed to have much more Vitamin D that previously thought. (2)  And yes, it is high in cholesterol but it’s the “good” cholesterol.

Simply buy different fish from various fishing grounds and alternate so that at least one is not over-loading on the same fishing ground fish:  Pacific, North Atlantic, Caribbean, etc.

Positively, the one sure way to be a inflating busting buyer is by not eating processed foods at all!The Environment Working Group has thankfully broken down the 12 fruits and vegetables most pesticide loaded and most needed to be avoided unless they are bought or grown organic.(3)

* Peaches

* Sweet bell peppers

* Celery

* Nectarines

* Apples

* Strawberries

* Cherries

* Lettuce

* Grapes

* Pears

* Spinach

* Potatoes

Conversely, listed below are the 12 groups of fruits and vegetables least sprayed with pesticide. This is not fool proof of course, but it is good to keep in mind when buying.

* Broccoli

* Eggplant

* Cabbage

* Banana

* Kiwi

* Asparagus

* Sweet peas (frozen)

* Mango

* Pineapple

* Sweet corn (frozen)

* Avocado

* Onion

Finally, read the ingredients! Your health is at risk.  How many ingredients are there? One time this writer bought a ½ gallon container of Natural Ice Cream. Yet, it had 42 lines of ingredients. People, beware of processed food with several lines of ingredients. They are mostly chemicals going into your bodies.

The task is monumental but it can be done one step at a time.  Just by cutting out processed foods alone, you can be in a better position to be an inflation busting buyer and still keep your health.  Eat natural as God intended it to be and spare yourself the heartache of seeing mounting health bills overwhelming your life later on.




(2) The Incredible Egg.

(3) Environmental Working Group

Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, Feb. 24, 2011


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