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The term ‘blog’ is a combination of two words;
weB and LOG. According to Wikipedia: “A
blog is a user-generated web site where
entries are made in journal style and
displayed in a reverse chronological order.”
Long before the term ‘blog’ was coined, people were keeping journals
online and sharing them with family and friends. Most all of these
journals were personal in nature. That was back in the old days of
what is now referred to as Web 1.0 … that is, the web as it existed
prior to 2001 when the Dot Com bust happened. After the Dot Com
bust, Web 2.0 became the reality of the Internet. When the Dot Com
bust happened, there were cries that the sky was falling. But what
emerged from that chaos is an Internet that is far, far better.
The Internet is no longer driven by web site owners with static web
sites who are in full control of all information and information that
flows only one way, but rather by web site users and Internet surfers.
Information now flows both ways. Blogs and blogging are a part of the
major differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Blogging has
become big business.
It doesn’t matter what topic an Internet surfer is interested in, there
are multiple blogs on every subject imaginable on the Internet. Some
of these sites are still personal in nature, but it really didn’t take folks
long to discover that there was a great deal of money to be made with
Blogs are great marketing tools, as Internet users and Search Engines
love them. Internet users love blogs because they provide them with a
wealth of information. Search Engines love the constantly changing
unique content and a lot of incoming links. Blogging will provide you
with both.
The quickest and easiest way to get started with your own blog is to
visit Google’s Blogger site. You can get your blog set up in just a few
simple steps.
Once you get your blog set up, the key to using this as a powerful
marketing tool is to start posting relevant content and
recommendations that will be of interest to your target market. This
information should be informative and helpful to your readers. You can
then provide recommendations and links to the products and/or
services you’re promoting.
When you start blogging, you really need to post information on a
continual basis, as this will keep your readers coming back again and
In addition, you will need to market your blog, just like anything else.
Although blogging with Google will definitely help, you will also need to
let people know about your blog.
Starting your own blog is the quickest and easiest way to get started
online. Not only can you add Google Ads to your blog, but you can also
join affiliate programs for products and services that target your
audience and make recommendations to your readers. You can begin
making money almost immediately, depending on how much traffic
you drive to your blog.
Blogging provides Internet marketers with a great way to reach their
target market. Use them to your fullest advantage.
Forums provide Internet users with a great way to meet
other people who share the same interests.
They also provide Internet marketers with a great way
to share their expertise, build their credibility and
market their products and services.
Although forums do not allow blatant advertising, most forums will
allow you to post your signature.
A signature is a small plug for whatever you’re marketing with a link to
the site. For example, your signature might look something like this:
Are you really healthy? Visit http://www.yoursite.com to find out.
The key to using forum marketing effectively is to begin by building
relationships with the forum members over a period of time by posting
at least a few times each week. However, keep in mind, your posts
should only contain helpful information and no plugs at all. Save this
for your signature.
Your main objective should be to get traffic to your site via your
signature. The link should lead to additional helpful information and
enable you to then make recommendations for the products and/or
services you’re offering.
For example, in our signature above, the link would lead to a page on
our web site that provides the reader with information about healthly
living. The reader would then be provided with a recommendation for a
product, such as a book, that will provide a solution to their problems
in regard to healthy living.
It’s actually a very simple process…
• You select your niche market
• Visit Google to find four or five forums in your niche (Search for
your niche keyword plus forum. For example, ‘health forum’)
• Begin making helpful informative posts
• Include a signature with your posts that lead to additional
• Provide the reader with additional helpful information
• Promote your niche product as the solution
Forum marketing is an effective free way to market online. However,
it’s not going to happen overnight. It will take some time to develop
your professional reputation and will provide you with a steady stream
of traffic over time.

Social Networking
Social networking sites seem to be the biggest thing on
the Internet right now, and there are no signs that this
will change anytime in the near – or far – future. The fact
is that social networking sites, such as MySpace.com,
FaceBook.com, and others, have given people the
opportunity to express themselves, meet new people,
and communicate effectively, and nobody is going to give
that up.
Social networking on the Internet may seem like a new concept to
most people – but it really isn’t. The first social network appeared on
the Internet as far back as 1995, with Classmates.com.
Classmates.com offers people the opportunity to reconnect with old
classmates from High School and College, and is still in operation
today – and doing quite well.
From there, social networking advanced with the onslaught of Internet
dating sites. However, these days, it has advanced to the point where
social networking sites often do not have a specific ‘theme.’
MySpace.com, which is by far the most popular social networking site
in existence, is an example of this. No matter what your interests are,
there is room for you on MySpace.com.
Social networking sites often have common elements. Some have
more features than others. In all cases, you are able to create your
profile. Sites, such as MySpace.com, actually allow you to fully
customize your profile page, so that it is very unique, using layouts
that are available all over the Internet. You can also create your own
MySpace.com layout.
Other features include messengers, email systems, blogging features,
friend’s lists, and comments sections. Some social networking sites will
allow you to send individual emails to other site members, or to send
broadcast emails out to all of the people on your network or friend’s
Most social networking sites will allow anyone to join, and are typically
free to join. However, there are some that require a fee for
membership, such as Ryze.com, and some that require an invitation
from another member, such as Pownce.com.
Many people view social networking sites as ‘something to do.’
However, they are much more than that. Social networking sites allow
members to express and develop identities, to build relationships, to
garner trust among their peers, and much more. The social networking
sites simply provide the means – it is the members who create the
content of the site, making these social networking sites user content
Internet Marketers, large corporations, and even television shows
make use of social networking sites. For example, many popular
reality television shows have profiles on the more popular social
networking sites.
This encourages public participation. They use the concept that
‘everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something’ and it is
successful – because social networking sites allow everyone to be a
part of something, regardless of who they are, where they are located,
their sex, religion, beliefs, careers, backgrounds, or any other
consideration that exists. Everyone who has access to a computer with
an Internet connection has a ‘voice’ and they can use it with ease
thanks to social networking sites.
Some of the best known social networking sites include:
Signing up is usually very easy, and only requires you to submit your
name, your location, a screen name, a password, and of course a valid
email address.
Today, it is estimated that there are more than 200 social networking
sites in existence. You can get a more complete list of social


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