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Choosing a major is very important in any career they might choose to follow. A major is usually a means to a career and is very beneficial to the race and the main satisfactory. Many races have several routes you can take in achieving them and a single degree can guarantee a lot of races. It is considered ideal to choose a major once they enroll in college and the last thing you should select a major is the second year. It is also highly recommended to perform an internship in their field, as it will allow a student in developing an analysis of the options that are available for long-term career (Ashland University Career Development, 2007).
Merchandising Staff

This important depends on the courses that are fundamental, such as Principles of Textile Design and Introduction to the Fashion Industry. Then, the progress of the relevant industry deals in buying, retail, merchandise planning and control and international sales. The major increase is based on business-related courses, accounting, communication and economics. These support units in the engineering of the vitality of business skills (Ashland University Career Development, 2007). Examples of optional subjects available in this major are licensing and fashion brands, product sourcing and marketing of accessories.

These electives help implement enrichment and Merchandising Major.

The curriculum in the marketing major has a faculty that is very enthusiastic and most of them have much practical experience of the workplace of many who have been in, which helps in the preparation of graduates in this specialty, and give them an understanding of the rigors of the environments present in the workplace today. The internship offers important that are specific to the fashion industry and working seminars that contribute greatly to the success of graduates in this race. The decision to continue this important was a very inspiring interview I had with the Dean of the Faculty of fashion marketing. He gave me an idea of ​​the many skills that will be developed such as:

(1) transferable skills, I would be able to promote and forecast consumption of new styles of dress.

(2) Skills for problem solving “One has to operate within the constraints of a budget. The clothes that are selected are usually required to have a cost that is specific. A lot of pleasure comes from finding solutions to practical problems faced at work

skills (3) Research-A-Lot of fashion trends are studied and an estimate of purchases made by customers is in fact

(4) Communication skills: These are much improved in various advertising media are used in sales promotion. A negotiation is made between wholesalers and manufacturers for business operations. Much attention is given to detail and successful communication between the parties.

(5) Writing Skills-There are a lot of detailed records to be organized and maintained (Ashland University Career Development, 2007).

After evaluating the above skills that would meet if he specialized in marketing took a decision that is fully committed to it. The conference gave me an idea of ​​how I had a vast experience in the marketing of fashion since she had worked for several fashion houses before launching his career lecturing.

There are many challenges that one may find that carrying out this important from a marketing excellence is determined by a lot of love for fashion and creativity. The fashion business is very hard and have to learn the practical side of it and the difficult experiences that one can cope with the workplace after graduation. An individual has to capture all the skills I mentioned earlier to ensure success in the marketing world of fashion. To successfully graduate with a major in fashion marketing, much attention is paid to detail and this means you have to spend much time studying.
Fashion Management

The aim of this course is to provide students with management skills are a prerequisite in the fashion industry. This is in collaboration with the business aspects of fashion design, promotion and marketing. The race which improves the decision-making skills and team skills (Aberdeen Business School, 2008). Some of the important requirements for this are the students with the hope of achieving this major are required to express their ideas in English grammar logical, clear and correct. A good score on the SAT is necessary and people with high sense of style are necessary. Preview qualification in business studies will be an added advantage.

I chose this course because I had to learn tangible skills that I would have a very flexible career option because the principles of the theory of business, computer studies and management are covered. I’ll also have hands on experience that I expected to operate the trendy shops on campus that are within the campus. This major is combined with a host of other disciplines which guide me in the integration of design theory with purchases made by customers.

I chose the big after reading about the benefits associated with it from the Internet and several universities that offer it. I have a great interest in fashion and hope to open my own fashion business after graduation. This major will come in very handy and will help ensure success in my business (Kersey, 2009).


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