Thousands of Dollars Every Month on Autopilot Step 4

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Share Your Expertise
Another great way to develop your credibility is to share your
expertise. You can do this in a number of ways including:
• Writing Articles
• Providing Free Tutorials
• Offering Free Courses
• Writing Reports
• Distributing Free Ebooks
• Publishing an Ezine
Sharing your expertise will enable you to promote yourself as an
expert in your field. Not only will it assist your potential customers, but
it will also develop your credibility.
By taking the time to build your credibility with your potential
customers, you will increase your Internet sales considerably.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy
Developing a successful marketing strategy is an
essential part of your online success. In order to
succeed, you must develop and implement a strategic
plan that includes all of the following:
• A great product and or service
• A web site specifically designed to sell
• A killer marketing strategy
Each step plays an important role in your overall strategy and must be
developed to its fullest potential. If even one step fails, your chances
of success will be minimal.
What should I sell?
Your first step will be to either develop a great product of your own, or
simply locate quality products and/or services you can market via
affiliate programs.
If you’re just starting out, it is highly recommended that you start out
marketing quality products and/or services that are already developed.
This will provide you with the ability to earn while you learn, as most
quality affiliate programs provide you with marketing and advertising
information to assist you.
What is an Affiliate Program?
When a company provides you with the ability to sell their products
and services and they pay you a specified commission on each sale,
they have what is known as an affiliate program.
One Tier Verses Two Tier
One tier affiliate programs pay commissions on one level. For each
sale an affiliate makes, they will receive a commission. For example, if
a company offers their affiliates a 30% commission and their product
sells for $39.99, for every sale you make, you would receive a onetime
$12 commission.
Two tier affiliate programs pay commissions on two levels. Affiliates
will receive a commission for each sale they make and for each sale
their recruits make, which means you would have to get others to join
the affiliate program.
Two tier affiliate programs usually divide the commissions over the two
levels. For example, if a company wants to give their affiliates a total
of 30% commission for each sale, they would offer a 20% commission
on their first level sales and an extra 10% commission on second level
sales. If their affiliate makes a $39.99 sale, they would receive an $8
commission. If one of their recruits makes a sale, they would receive
an additional $4 commission.
Although this may look good on paper, my experience has been that
the one tier affiliate program is much more profitable than the two, as
most affiliates never make any money.
Residual Affiliate Programs
Although joining affiliate programs that pay a onetime commission on
sales can produce some extra income, the key to developing a nice
monthly income is to join residual affiliate programs.
A residual affiliate program will pay you a monthly commission on
sales for as long as the customer remains with the company. This is
the absolute best type of affiliate program you can join. Although you
can join affiliate programs that offer a onetime commission for some
additional income, the true profits come from recurring commissions.
What’s more, your goal should be to develop multiple streams of
residual income.
High Ticket Affiliate Programs
Although marketing products and/or services that sell for a few
hundred dollars or less can enable you to make a nice income, it will
take a lot more effort for you to make a lot of money. If you’re looking
for an opportunity to make you wealthy, marketing low ticket items
isn’t going to do it.
However, if you do some research and find a quality opportunity that
offers a great product and a great commission, such as $500 or more,
you can earn a lot of money a lot quicker.
What most people don’t realize is that you can sell high ticket items
just as easily as you can sell low ticket items.
Developing Multiple Streams of Income
The key to developing a successful Internet business is to create
multiple streams of residual income. You must not solely rely upon one
stream of income, as you will literally be placing all of your eggs in one
By developing income from multiple sources, when one source is
having a slow period, the other sources will help to supplement.
You must first decide upon your target market and offer products
and/or services that will be of interest to your market. In addition, the
products and/or service you’re offering should be closely related. For
example, if you’re selling computers, you could also offer printers,
Internet service, software, etc. Once you’ve decided upon your target
market and what type of products and/or services you’d like to sell,
your next step will be to locate quality affiliate programs.
You can find hundreds of affiliate programs at Commission Junction
and ClickBank.

Developing Your Web Site
Once you’ve developed a great product and/or selected your affiliate
programs, your next step will be to develop a great web site. Your web
site must be specifically designed to sell the products and/or services
you’re selling.
If you sign up for a free Plug-in Profit site, you can skip this section, as
everything will be taken care of for you – from enabling you to sign up
with quality residual affiliate programs to getting your web site set up
– Stone takes care of everything.
Everything within your web site should have one specific purpose —
getting your visitor to take action. Words are the most powerful
marketing tool you have. The right words will turn your visitors into
customers. The wrong words will cause them to click away and never
Your words are the entire foundation of your business. Your product,
your web site and your marketing strategies all depend upon your
words. Fancy graphics don’t make sales — words do.
Every word, sentence and headline should have one specific purpose —
to lead your potential customer to your order page.
Write your web site copy as if you are talking to just one person.
Identify a problem and validate that one visitor’s need for a solution.
Continue to write and explain why your product is the solution to their
problem. Tell them exactly what your product will do for them — why it
will solve their problems and how. Pack your copy with benefits and
more benefits. Write to persuade — that’s the bottom line.

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