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As you probably know, the Internet is all about information and
automation. Internet users want information and they want it right
now. That’s why ebooks are considered to be the “perfect” online
product. They provide Internet users with the information they desire
and can be instantly downloaded.
Marketing Tool
Ebooks provide Internet marketers with one of the best promotional
tools online. With its vast variety of uses, just one quality ebook
development and distribution can produce an ongoing promotional tool
that can be downloaded and viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a
week for years to come. Your ebook can literally be viewed by millions
simply by giving it away and allowing it to be freely distributed.
Although there are many HTML compilers available on the Internet,
these programs are just that – HTML compilers. What this means is
that you must create your ebook within an HTML editor and then
import your files into an HTML compiler to create your ebook — not a
very user friendly way to create an ebook.
That’s why we developed eBook Starter.
eBook Starter is unlike any other ebook creation
program on the market, as it is an actual ebook
editor. What this means is that you will have the
ability to create your ebooks within this one
program, including using your own design or
selecting a template.
If you select a template, you will have the ability
to edit the template directly within the software
program. It functions very similar to a text
editing program.
And finally, you will be able to compile the ebook into the EXE ebook
format all within the eBook Starter program.

eBook Brander
What’s more, with the purchase of eBook Starter, you will receive a
viral marketing ebook brander, completely free.
eBook Brander will enable you to create customizable fields within your
eBooks to enable your affiliates to brand your promotional eBooks with
their company name, affiliate ID or whatever you’d like. This will not
only create a viral marketing tool, but it will also encourage your
affiliates and/or downline members to distribute your ebook.
Visit the eBook Starter site to download your free trial version of this
powerful software.
Although this list of software is far from complete, it will provide you
with a basic guideline to get you started.
If you’re serious about your business and you really want to succeed,
purchasing software is an absolute must. Do your homework and
select software that best suits your needs. It will be well worth the

Developing a Strategic Plan
Developing a strategic plan is an essential part of your
success. Not only will it assist you in visualizing your
strategy, but it will also give you an organized approach
to achieving your goals.
Your plan will be used as a step by step guide to assist
you in accomplishing your goals. Without a solid plan of action, you
won’t have any direction. You’ll travel in circles and ultimately never
reach your goals.
Your strategic plan should include all of the following:
Your summary will completely summarize your entire strategy from
start to finish.
Your objectives will consist of a description of what you will be
promoting, and exactly what you want to accomplish.
Marketing Plan
Your marketing plan should consist of all of the following:
=> Identify your target market
If the product or service doesn’t have a market, you definitely won’t be
successful. You must identify who your customers will be to determine
whether or not there will be an interest in what you’re offering.
=> How do you plan to advertise?
Although setting up a web site is an essential part of your advertising
plan, it is only the first step. You must develop an advertising plan that
will drive a continuous stream of targeted traffic to you web site.
Developing a strategic plan will provide you with a road map to
achieving your dreams. Plan each step very carefully and fully research
your options. Plan your work then work your plan and you’ll be well on
your way to achieving your goals.

Automating Portions of Your Business
Running a successful Internet business can be a
very time consuming venture. Not only must you
design and market your web site, but you must
also either develop your own products or locate
affiliate products, and answer customer support
requests — the list goes on and on.
Although there will always be daily tasks that you must handle
personally, there are a number of your daily tasks that you can
automate or at least partially automate.
For example, if you’re receiving the same basic support requests or
questions over and over again, there are a few different ways you can
automate your answers:
1) Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your web site
and/or products. Your page should include a list of commonly asked
questions and provide the answers for each.
2) Create a text template for each of your frequently asked questions
that contain the answers. When you receive a commonly asked
question, simply open your text file and copy and paste your pre
written answer into your email message. You can then customize your
message for each recipient.
3) Set up a knowledge base system that will enable your customer’s to
search through a database of information that may assist them. You
can find scripts that will assist you at www.hotscripts.com.
The above example will assist you in partially automating some of your
daily tasks. However, there are some tasks that can be completely
automated simply by placing your information within an
Autoresponders are one of the top promotional tools available online
today. They are also known as mailbots, automatic email and email on
demand. They were derived from the very popular fax on demand and
designed to automatically respond to any email message sent to it
with an automatic response.


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