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One of the prominent founding fathers of America was Benjamin Franklin. Apart from this feature, Benjamin is also a re-known writer, diplomat, inventor, publisher, philosopher and scientist. One of his famous experiments is based on lightning and electricity. Published the Pennsylvania Gazette and served in Congress as Postmaster General. He invented the bar used for lighting, bifocals and the stove Benjamin. He wrote his own autobiography in French but was later translated into English after his death and published in 1793 in London.
Section 1

When Benjamin was established in Pennsylvania, none of the stores selling books was reliable in all the colonies south of Boston. The printers, both in Philadelphia and New York selling only stationery and textbooks that were very common. England was the place of people who loved reading were obliged to send the books. Together the members from there were some copies of the books of each and used to meet in a rented room (File early United States, 2009).

In addition to conferences, Benjamin suggests that bring their books to the room where they could borrow each other for book reading at home.

This plan promised well and Franklin suggested extending the benefits achieved to the common people by establishing a public library. He came up with the design of the library and the rules governing the subscription. Each subscriber had to pay a certain signal to assist in the purchase of additional books to the annual fee to help buy more books (File early United States, 2009).

Lending in the library was open on one day during the week and the subscribers were charged double the value of the book if not returned on time. Increase the library is done through donations and reading became fashionable. The attention of the community may not be used to study since there was no public entertainment. They were well acquainted with the books making it easier for the community to understand the instructions and after some time. The people of Philadelphia were smarter in comparison with people from other parts of the world and America (File early United States, 2009).

Benjamin benefited from the library because it constantly could consider setting a minimum of one hour per day of this fun. This partially repaired the damage of education learned from his father wanted for him, but was lost. Reading kept him busy and he never indulged in games, pranks or visited the taverns. His business continued to flourish and this helped him care for his young family (early U.S. Stock, 2009).
Section 2

Benjamin admits that he conceived a project that was hard and daring to be morally perfect. His greatest wish was to live a sinless life and was ready to conquer it, of course, through the company or by the office. He confesses to differentiate right from wrong and therefore could be done easily and avoid the other. He thought it was easy to start with this, but soon realized it was very hard to break habits (File early United States, 2009).


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