Altadrine Body Shaper in Cases of Water Retention

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Description of the machine aesthetic
BODY Altadrine aesthetic machinery is produced by Alta Care Laboratoires for cases of water retention and water accumulation in the legs and abdomen. It is based on the dynamic and stimulating and offers four different waveforms, two of which for the elimination of liquids and the other for the bio-stimulation. Galvanic current occurs with automatic reverse slow-type balanced and overlapping multiple frequencies and different pulse stimulation.

Gaza has a constant galvanic current circuit and adjustable from 1 to 10 mA and the intensity of the stimulation voltage of 0-80 volts. An automatic safety device against the irregularities of the electronic system can ensure real security of the subject being treated. It is also equipped with a digital timer treatment program that lasts from 1 to 99 minutes with a display of the hour-minute. An acoustic signal will give a “beep” at the end of treatment.

Treatment Overview
1. A aromapatch applies to the top of the towel before you start treatment to help relax
2. Bearwalk ritual is performed to help the client to relax and get used to the touch of the therapist
3. The case Dermastir serum is massaged into problem areas
4. The suit is soaked in a saline solution with appropriate serum Dermastir
5. The client then demand helped by the therapist and the treatment bed
6. Bands are applied to problem areas
7. Shaper is on and the intensity will be adjusted according to customer feedback
8. Once the right program and the current treatment is selected will start
9. Once the program ends, the client is helped out of the application and if applying the serum Dermastir
10. Altadrine anti-cellulite patches are applied when necessary
11. Bearwalk finishing treatment is performed to complete treatment
12. One drink 1 liter of thalassotherapy Altadrine given to the client to continue with drainage and detoxification after treatment

Treatment indications and benefits
Altadrine Strip offers a revolutionary method for weight loss body treatment, which has yielded excellent results in testing. The results are visible from the first treatment. Galvanizing is the function of increasing the activity of micro-circle, acting as a vasodilator mechanism that releases liquid stagnation and cellulite. biological stimulation in natural muscles creates a “pump” to facilitate the drainage of substances which stalled in the tissues, generates problems of cellulite and fat. Using this method, the short-term biological standardization can be obtained without any risk.

Frequency of treatment
Recommended at least twice a month

Duration of treatment
55 minutes

The products used during treatment
– Dermastir blisters
– Drink Altadrine thalassotherapy
– Altadrine diet patches
– Aromapatch

Standard products recommended for purchase
– Drink Altadrine thalassotherapy – 7 packets
– Anti-cellulite patches Altadrine – 30 patches

Especially recommended for the purchase
– Oil candle Altadrine – 35g


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