Microsoft Office Outlook: Working With Outlook Calendar Part 2

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This is a continuation of my article Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar. This article will teach you on how to use your Microsoft Outlook Calendar especially for starter users.

This article will show you how to sort and view your appointments based on your desired column view, adding timezone on your appointments, adding appointment category and adding appointments recurrence.

Changing and adding Timezone setting on your appointment. Timezone is the standard time that your country being set. In Microsoft outlook you can set the timezone of your new appointments entry so that it will be pop up and alarm in the correct time that you set in the time start and time end. To add timezone in your new appointment, follow these steps;

  • Create a new appointment or open existing appointment

  • Click on Timezone button under the Options menu found at the top portion of your Appointment window

  • You can found the drop down menu of your appointment timzezone under the start time and end time. Click the drop down menu and select the timezone that where your country belong.

  • Click save and close when finish

Adding appointment Category. Outlook category will be based in colors, in simple words color coding. It can help you recognize your appointment categories based on the category color.  You can also customize your category name and colors.

To add appointment category on your on your appointment follow these steps;

  • Click on New appointments or open your existing appointments

  • Click on Categories under options

  • Select the category you want

To add new category or edit your existing category follow these steps;

  • Click on Categories under your appointment window

  • Click on categories under options menu

  • Select all categories

  • Click on New command button of your color categories window

  • Type the name and select your desired color for that specific categories

  • You can also add keyboard shortcut for your category

  • To rename existing category, click on the category and click Rename button click Ok to save changes and finish

Adding appointment Recurrence.  Appointment recurrence is the scheduling of time and date when you want to occur and pop up the scheduled appointment. You can set your appointment recurrence by daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules. And you can also set the exact day and the week and the month when you want the schedule appointment re occur.

To add appointment recurrences follow these steps;

  • Create the new appointment or open the existing appointment

  • Click on recurrence under Options

  • Select the starting and ending appointment time

  • Select the recurrence pattern select on Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

  • Select the range of recurrence

  • Select the end date of your appointment recurrence

  • Click Ok to save the set recurrence


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