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I was surprised not believe it when I try to enter the keyword “SEO technique Blogspot” on Google. Apparently what happens then? My blog is in second place google search results (SERP) under skipper blog! Of course I wonder, why this new blog I could perched casually on the Google SERP pages directly on the second position. It turned out that I remember what the cause of all this. One reason is to build links. Want to know more? Here goes the explanation.

SERP and Links

SERP (Search Engine Result Page). What is it? Those who do not know, try to open the site right now my friend Google. Then type in the search form with the keyword “SEO techniques blogspot” or “learn SEO blogspot”, then press Enter. Then my friend will see a series of search list by default it will bring 10 addresses in a single web page. The description above is a description of what is called a SERP.

While the link is a word or series of words (sentences) that if at-click will go to a particular web address.

Then what is the link between SERP with Link?

Actually one of the ways that bloggers had expressed the master side to get into the list of the Google SERP is to build links. However, if the link was carelessly then it certainly will not be able to affect the SERP. Well, here’s my secret all this time to be perched on google SERP pages:

Inbound Links
What is it? Inbound links are inviting interest in the website / other blogs to link to this post / blog content. The more inbound links, then the better it your blog in google SERP. In other words your blog posts in the market. In addition, if your blog get a link from a blog that many of the links by other blogs, it will be more influential in the SERP position than in the blog link by fewer inbound links. But remember, do not ever ignore blogs that have a few inbound links.

Link Quality
Google search engine prefer the link quality than quantity. SERP better? That way, Google prefers links that have one thing in common topic / theme with our blogs, rather than one link but a different topic / theme.

Case in point:

    Eg-themed blog to learn SEO blogspot, then on other blogs link by the theme of learning SEO.
Or eg themed learn SEO blog blogspot, then on other blogs link by the theme of sport.

from the two examples above cases, according to which a higher quality mate?

Building Link Building
This is important! Sometimes if your blog has had a top SERP positions, not seldom lazy to build a link back. Whereas the top blog in google SERP, efforts should be intensified to build one or more links. This blog is meant to remain in top position SERP. So link building is an ongoing project link.

Avoid at all that her name Paid Links!
Why … why …??? Money … money itself. Blog … my blog alone. Why hard … hard! Wow, this rich .. ni want to casually referred to his own. 🙂 Paid links are links that have pagerank (PR) is high, but its function for the sale / lease. So if your blog at the link they want nyantol, first mate must pay. Furthermore, why should be avoided? Because if your blog caught doing the above by google, so be prepared to get a penalty reduction in the SERP position. Mau ga? 🙂

Well, that’s my recollection that I have ever done for this to be perched on the Google SERP pages. If there are other interesting experiences from his pal loyal readers in an effort to raise the position in the SERP, immediately wrote to share here via the comment box! Ok.

Well, until here we encounter first. At other times, we certainly will meet again in the next post SEO Blogspot. 🙂


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