Book Review: Shopaholic And Baby, by Sophie Kinsella

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As I love the author Sophie Kinsella and have read several of her published works and because I have recently had a baby, I decided that ‘Shopaholic and Baby’ would be a fitting book choice at the moment. 

As always with books by this author, I found that the book was light hearted, easy to pick up and put down to be read for short bursts or longer amounts of time and actually made me laugh out loud on several occasions.  The story was very entertaining but also believable.  The main character can be easily related to by most female readers.  This is a very female orientated book and would probably not be enjoyed to the same extent by most male readers, although nothing could make me happier than to be proven wrong on this count.

For those who are unfamiliar with the ‘Shopaholic’ series, Becky Bloomwood is obsessed with the material things in life to the point where she has to hide her credit cards, bank statements and purchases form her ever despairing husband Luke, although because he loves her so much she is usually very quickly forgiven for her compulsive buying.  Her love of retail therapy has got her in to some very tricky, but hilarious, situations throughout the series, including two weddings on the same day in two different continents in the previous book, ‘Shopaholic Ties the Knot’.  these situationsa seem extreme, but in the case of Becky are perfectly believable as these things seem to happen to her on a regular basis during her attempts to conceal the amount she has spent from others.

This fifth book in the series does not disappoint and follows the natural progress of Becky’s life, her relationship with Luke and the pregnancy and birth of their daughter Mini.  There are hilarious moments with her obstetrician (selected because she os the choice of celebrities) who turns out to be her husbands ex love interest.  Along with the comedy of this love triangle situation, this aspect of the story line adds a dramatic and emotional element to the story. 

This is definitely worth reading if you fancy some easy reading and if you like books based on humour.  The series is an affordable series of books and is easily available in most bookshops and can also be purchased online.


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