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The latest trend in the fitness industry is Outdoor Boot camps, these camps are popping up in every park in every city in the UK. Bootcamps offer a great alternative to plush health clubs and their joining fees, expensive monthly payments, 1 year tie in contracts and aggressive 3 months cancellation notice periods. You see, when you join a gym you may be getting classes, the latest gym equipment, towels and soap in the showers, but that is it. You are paying to walk through the door and use the facilities – nothing more. If you want any further expertise such as a personal trainer then you have to pay more money. Nor do you get any nutrition advice (although many unqualified and unregulated personal trainers will claim that they provide nutrition advice), nor will you get any regular goal assessment and monitoring, motivation or accountability. You are basically left to your own devices to use the gym as the club’s sales team peruse the elusive targets of securing more sales and generating more members.

We also know for a fact that over 80% of gym members don’t get the result they’ve signed up for and the health club industry knows this too. What’s also astonishing is that 50% of a gym’s membership base is inactive at any one time! That means these people are paying for nothing. So it’s no wonder why people are leaving the gyms in droves and looking for better, more reliable and financially more viable options.

So if you are looking for great workouts that produce results in a fun and sociable environment then bootcamps might be for you. There are many different types of camp on the market; military style camps where the instructors shout and run you in to the ground, camps that specialise in kettle bell training, boxing camps, running camps or even women only camps. So why not find a camp that can provide all of these types of specialities? Also why not find a camp that prides itself on having expert staff, such as leading personal trainers, registered nutritional therapists and chartered physiotherapists who can assure that you get the safest, most effective workout, the most reliable and scientifically accurate nutrition advice and support you to reach your health and fitness goals?

However, before you sign up to one of these camps do your homework – ask your self – who runs the camp you want to join? What are their qualifications? You need to make sure your bootcamp organisers are the real deal; qualified, insured and most of all – produce results. If your bootcamp organisers can’t provide social proof and testimonials that they produce results.

To get results you need to train hard and you need to train often. On a quality bootcamp you’re guaranteed both. You should be able to attend “CAMP” anywhere from 2-4 times a week with motivated instructors who will push you to the limits of your current levels of fitness. Research shows that simply training 4 times a week can produce far greater results than training 3 times a week – a fact many gyms and gym goers don’t know. Also the type of exercise you do can cause dramatic results. Consider this – walk in to any gym and walk over the cardio equipment where there will inevitable be a group of people plodding along on a treadmill or bike watching the TV doing steady state cardio, look at their body shape. These people are often the most out of shape both in physique and fitness. There may be a rare bread on the cardio equipment who are beasting themselves doing interval training, which is much more effective for fat loss than steady state cardio. Then walk over to the weight section and you will see people working hard pumping the weights and dripping with sweat. Take a look at their body shape, these people will often have a much better physique. That is because resistance training (be it body weight or with things like dumbbells and kettle bells) are essential for fat loss. On a quality bootcamp there is no steady state cardio and obviously no TV to watch, just hard work doing interval training such as repeated runs and sprints. Then there are resistance circuits using body weight, kettle bells, resistance bands and medicine balls to sculpt and tone those muscles. Throw in some boxing and you are sure to get a great workout every time.

Why choose peakxvfitness out door boot camps?

With over 30 years combined experience in the Health and Fitness industry, you can be sure the Peak XV Fitness team know what they are talking about.

Our programme GUARANTEES that you will:
• Tone your thighs
• Lose at least half a stone
• Flatten your tummy
• Slim down your hips
• Firm up your butt
• Feel sexy and confident

Our bootcamps are outdoors and run in all weathers. We are open to all ages and all abilities.


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