Why Factoidz is Better Than Ehow ?

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Nowadays , online article writing has been very popular over the net and so many people are making over 500$ per month just by writing articles . There are so many sites which let you earn money by writing your own articles like Factoidz,Triond,Brighthub,Ehow,Hubpages etc. But among them factoidz and ehow are most popular . But now the question is which is better . So this article is going to be based on that .

First of all , Factoidz is a new site but is has become so popular within few days . The question is what makes it so popular ? Factoidz is based on facts which are very informative to so many people . Even though , its been a while that i am using factoidz but it become one of my favorite article writing site . The first good thing about this site is that it pays really good . The CPM rates starts from 0.50$ and the highest is 3.50$ . And the second thing that i like the most about factoidz is that it also provides us some review tasks which really varies a good CPM rate . And each of your submitted articles will be reviewed in a short time and you will be provided the information through email . If your article got decline , don’t worry , you will be provided feedbacks from editors why your article got decline and you will be able to correct it and resubmit it again . So this feature also makes it very popular .

And secondly , Ehow is also a popular article writing site which is a competitor of factoidz . Even it is a old site but can’t overcome factoidz because it is only based on ‘how to’ articles means all the articles will be written in how to format . So it don’t provides much freedom to its writers . And , getting acceptance of your articles is too hard in comparison to factoidz . And you will be only getting two chances to resubmit your article and if your article got decline for the third time , you will be unable to submit that article for forever .

Ultimately , in my opinion Factoidz is better that ehow even it pays better that factoidz . The facilities provided by ehow are so poor and i suggest you to use factoidz rather that ehow . And i know that one day , factoidz will be at the top because it is a good site for the writers as well as for the readers . And it is full of informative facts that everyone search for . So , we can say that Factoidz is much better than Ehow . 


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