Blueadvertise Cpm Ad Network Review

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Blueadverise is a CPM advertising network which connects the small publishers to the big advertisers of Right media . The ads of Blueadvertise are appeared to be in image banners and quite clean shaped as well . This ad network is a part of DEX platform and it is only for the publishers . Blueadvertise accepts publishers from all the countries of the world but the CPM rates depends upon the geographical location of your visitors . It pays you for every impression that your blog receives and the wonderful thing is that impressions from all the countries are accepted but the CPM rates may be very low . 

Blueadvertise accepts all kinds of websites and blogs except the blogs or websites that contains illegal materials and have majority of visitors from China , Taiwan and Thailand . As a banner advertising network , Blueadvertise includes almost all types of banners . You can choose from the banners below :-

468×60 – Classic Banner

120×600 – Wide Skyscraper

728×90 – Leaderboard

160×600 – Wide Skyscraper

300×250 – Medium Rectangle

And Blueadvertise also supports layered ad formats . In order to earn money from Blueadvertise , you just need to sign up for a publisher account and then generate your tag . After that , place the provided code on your blog or website . But remember that you must place the ads on the first half of your pages . And one amazing thing is that , you don’t need to provide your website or blog URL during the sign up process . Right after you place the ad codes on your blog , ads will be start appearing on your blog or website and you can earn from every impression that your blog or website receives . Now lets come upon about the payment process of Blueadvertise . Currently , Blueadvertise supports two payment methods , that are Paypal and Wire Transfer . Wire Transfer method is accepted only for the publishers who generates $1000 USD or more per month . And , Paypal is applicable for all kinds of publishers , Paypal have no limit , you can received payments with no minimum payout amount on the basis of Net 7 . It means , through Paypal , you will receive your payment on every Friday . 

There are also some rules which has to be followed in order to avoid getting your account banned . See below the restrictions of Blueadvertise below :-

* You cannot edit or modify the ad code .

* You cannot hide the ad tags .

* You cannot refresh the ad tags .

* You cannot rotate the ad tags . 

* You cannot click on your own ads .

* You cannot force anyone to click on your ads .

* You cannot generate clicks using any software . 

* You cannot place Blueadvertise ads on a adult website . 

* You cannot place Blueadvertise ads on a blank page . 

It is concluded that Blueadvertise is a perfect CPM network for the publishers , and specially for the small publishers . Blueadvertise can connect you with the high quality publishers and bring you some money for your websites’s impressions . 


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