Pirates of The Caribbean Comes to Wii

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There are more games available for Wii LEGO than almost any other console, so it’s no surprise that the latest Pirates of the Caribbean Lego game has come to this console. But is this another great adventure, or an empty box that promises much and delivers nothing but disappointment?

The legions of fans of Jack Sparrow is very happy to see that the four films included in this game. You work your way through the movies, and gameplay has been improved with the comic cut scenes that are infused with wit and humor we’ve come to expect from LEGO. The sequences are long, but brilliant and successful mimic famous scenes. Most players of this game will be both charmed and entertained.

These cut scenes are excellent for staging for each new level you’re in this adventure, and certainly there are plenty of them. There are five levels for each movie, so a total of 20 levels for players to work their way through. Some of these stages are quite ling, so even if a play was rushed through, you are seeing about 10 hours.

The sad thing is that some of these hours of play are not as fun as it should have been. The only thing that is clearly evident from the outset is that the developers have tried their best to represent the epic proportions of each film. A series of set pieces and large-scale sites should be ideal for a game, but here it leads to problems in the game.

There is so much emphasis on background that the camera often pans out so you can appreciate the greatness, but this makes it very difficult sometimes to really see what you are doing. This makes far too much confusion and frustration that come too often to not be very annoying. The team dynamics of the game seems to have been misconceived.

Often found running around with half a dozen characters and wondering what the hell are you supposed to do. The AI ​​is just a pain, as his teammates is on its way and sometimes even cause its demise by pulling off a cliff. In smaller areas this leads to total chaos as there are simply too many characters on screen at once.

If that was not bad enough that their progress is hampered by his teammates, the environmental puzzles are often very dark. Whether playing as one player or as a cooperative, a number of areas and puzzles that slow the progress of up to 20 minutes, even when a very experienced player. So those with less experience will be very frustrated with logical puzzle, faint and nearly impossible leaps exits.

There are, however, moments of play that great, and help save the game. The nunchucks and Wii remote control are intuitive, and some of the combat platforms and smooth, and fun to solve puzzles more logical. In general, this game is possible, it must have been great, but could have been much worse.


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