Adgitize Ad Network – A Very Good Ad Network For The Small Publishers

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Almost all of the bloggers or webmasters might be familiar with adsense because it is the king of PPC advertising . But some bloggers and advertisers does not prefer adsense for certain reasons , some bloggers don’t use adsense because of its strictness and some of the advertisers don’t like adsense because of its high amount advertising rates . And for those people , there are many alternatives of google adsense but most of them are not satisfied at all . Today , i am going to share with you a great alternative to google adsense i.e. adgitize . Adgitize is also an advertising network which is quite beneficial for the small publishers as well as for the small advertisers . But , i will only recommend it to the small publishers and small advertisers .

As a Publisher of Adgitize :-

Actually , adgitize prefer point system to run their network . The more points will you have the more money you will get .As a publisher , there are various ways to earn money with adgitize , which are given below :-

[1] Page view points :- This is like a CPM method to distribute share among the publishers . This method of earning points completely depend upon the traffic of your blog . It means , the more traffic will you get means the more points or money will you earn .

[2] Ad views points :- This is quite similar to page view system but it will only let you earn money if the ads are shown on your blog . It means , your whole ad view earnings will be depended upon the number of visitors of your blog .

[3] Posting points :- This is one of the great feature of adgitize because publishers can earn just by writing articles on their blog/s . Publishers are inspired to write posts on their blog because of which your blog get updated frequently and you also earn money from it . Adgitize pays 100 points for every post you write on your blog but you have to submit your feed url in adgitize in order to earn points .

[4] Blog visiting points :- Adgitize also pays it members to visit other blogs in the network . You can earn a maximum of 100 points just by visiting other blogs in the network . As an standard or normal publihser , you will only get 1 point for every blog you visit and if you are also an advertiser then you will get 2 points for every blog you visit .

[5] Forum posting points :- Adgitize also pays its members to join in the forums (what a great feature ) . You can earn a maximum of 100 points for every discussion you post or respond in the forum . Actually , the number of points will you gain is completely dependent on the number of words of the post or respond .

[6] Preferred publisher points :- You can be a preferred publisher if you have added at least one adgitize ad at the top of the page of your blog and if you have a fast loading blog . As an preferred publisher , you can earn up to 30 points everyday .

As an Advertiser :-

Advertising in adgitize ad network is quite cheap and beneficial . It only costs 14$ per month to advertise in the network . You will gain targeted from adgitize with a very cheap advertising amount . There is a fix rate of advertising i.e. 14$ , so there is no tension at all . As an advertiser , you can also earn points or money . You will earn 100 points everyday if you are advertiser in the network and you can earn 100 points just by 50 blogs in the network . Since , there is a blog visiting system in the adgitize network , so you will surely get much traffic to your blog . ( approximately 100 – 500 ) .

As an Affiliate :-

There is also a affiliate program in the adgitize network which is a great way to earn if you know perfectly about affiliate marketing . You can earn a commission of 5$ for every advertiser that joins under you and registers for a full month ad . And you will also get a monthly commission of 1$ for every advertiser that joins under you .

About the Point System :-

Since , adgitize uses point system , it is very important to know clearly about the point system . You will earn approximately 7 cent per 100 points . It means that 1 cent = approximately 30-35 points . You can earn a maximu of 1000 points per day if you are a publisher as well as an advertiser . So , in a day , you can earn upto 1$ .

Conclusion :-

We can say that adgitize is perfect for the small publishers as well as for the small advertisers . If you are a publisher as well as an advertiser , then you can also use your publisher earnings for advertising . It means , you can advertise in the network without any cost . I think , adgitize is a great monetizing tool for the publishers as it approves all kind of blogs and it is also very sophisticated for the advertisers as it costs very cheap for advertising and brings targeted traffic and customers .


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