Some Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue

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Google adsense is the easiest way to make money using a blog . Most of the webmasters and blog owners are familiar with google adsense and for some bloggers , it is the only monetizing tool of their blog/s . So , it is so important that you should know how to make the most of google adsense in order to become a successful online marketer . In case of many newbie bloggers (like me) , it takes a lot of time to reach the minimum payout . But now I am on my way to reach my first payout because I learned a lot of things on increasing my adsense earnings in a very short period of time . In the mean time of my experience with google adsense , I have increased my google adsense earnings in a graduated manner . Actually , I have only implemented adsense on my blog but later I will surely integrate adsense to all my revenue sharing site in order to earn more with adsense . So , today , in this post I am going to share with you some tips on how to increase your adsense earnings but remember that these tips are only for blog owners because I only implemented and experienced with google adsense on my blog only .

So , these are the tips which should be followed in order to increase your google adsense earnings in a certain manner :-

[1] Ad Zone Or Block Size :- Always use ad blocks of size – 300×250 , 336×280 and 468×60 . These are the most profitable ad blocks .

[2] Ad Placement According To Their Size :- Placing of the adsense ads according to their sizes is so important to increase your adsense earnings . So , place 300×250 ads in the sidebar , place 336×280 inside posts and place 468×60 along with the header .

[3] Proper Placement Of The Adsense Ads :- There are three places where you should place your adsense ads . Always place an ad inside the post , place an ad in the sidebar and place an ad in the header . These three places works great .

[4] Types Of Ads :- Placing of adsense ads according to their type also plays a vital role in increasing your adsense earnings . So , always place an image ad in the sidebar , use both text and image ad inside posts and prefer image ads to drop in the header .

[5] Other Tips :- Also use link ads in your blog and place it below the header . And , always use an adsense search engine as your blog’s default search engine . Make your adsense search engine to view the search results in a new window . Place the adsense search engine at the top of your sidebar .

So , follow these simple tips to increase your adsense earnings and i am sure that you will reach your minimum payout within a short time .


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