How To Select A Proper Domain Name For Your Blog Or Website

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Hi friends , as you know that i already post an article regarding creating of a website (blog) . If you go through that post , then you may be familiar with a domain name , domain is the first step so as to create a website . Therefore , choosing a right and best domain name is a huge responsibility while creating a website . Today , i am going to share some tips to choose a correct domain for your blog or site :-

* Choose A Short Domain Name :- The main matter while choosing a domain is its name and extension . So try to choose a short domain name so that your visitors can remember it easily and visit your blog again . Therefore , be very careful while choosing the name of your domain .

* Don’t Try To Choose A Cheap Domain :- There are many domain providers which offers very cheap domains but even it is cheap , check whether the domain extension is recognized or not , i mean whether whether it is standard or not ( like .com , .net etc. ) . Cheap domains extensions like .org , .info are also popular and recognized but it would be much better if you select dot com or dot net .

* Dot Com And Dot Net Is The Better One :- There are various domain extensions like .com , .net , .org , .info etc. and even there are various free domains like , .tk etc . but it would be much better if you choose .com or .net because they are the mostly used domain extensions and comfortable too . So try to choose a domain which ends with .com or .net .

* Always Select A Domain Which Matches Your Blog’s Niche :- First of all , be very confident that what will be your blog’s niche , means what your blog will be based on . After that select a domain which is quite suitable for your blog . As for example – if your blog is based on blogging then choose domains like , , etc .

* Always Keep A Meaningful Domain :- It would be much better if you choose a meaningful domain rather than your name . Meaningful does not means that you keep your domain name as and your blog is based on technology . Keeping a meaningful and niche related domain names has more possibility to get traffic .

* Dont Put Hyphens In Your Domain :- Always avoid hyphens in your domain name as it confuses your visitors . For example – if you want to choose a domain name for your business and your business’s name is tech world then it would be good for you if you select your domain as rather than using . So , avoiding hyphens in your domain name could bring some good traffic to your blog or site .

* Don’t Buy Already Registered Domains :- Most of the good domains are already taken by the people across the world . So , it will be hard to get a perfect domain . So if you want your domain to be but it is alredy taken then its for sure that you will visit that site with that domain . And even if it is for sale , don’t try to buy that domain ( I am not forcing you but advising you ) . because that domain might be registered illegally . So try to register a brand new domain name . But if that domain perfectly matches with your blog’s niche , then buy it after checking all its information .

* Don’t Put Numbers In Your Domain :- Numerics are the most confusing characters and very hard to remember . So avoid numerics in your domain name so that your visitors can remember it easily and visit your blog again and again .

* Try To Use Domain Selection Tools :- You know that most of the good domains are already registered and its become very hard to get a perfect domain . So , while registering a domain for your blog , try to use domain selection tools which will help to let you know the related domains which are still available on the web server . Godaddy provides domain selection tools while registering a domain name too .

* Buy Domain Names From Recognized Companies :- There are many domain providers on the net but most of them are uncomfortable to use or the customer care service are not pretty good . So , always buy domains from recognized domain providers which have a good customer care service without any uncomfortablities . Godadyy is the most popular and recognized domain provider which have a perfect customer care service and provides highly ranked domains .

* Always Prefer Domains Providers Which Also Offers Web Hosting :- You know that domain is not everything in order to create a website , web hosting is also very important . So , you will feel very comfortable if you buy web hosting from the same company from where you have bought your domain . There are many companies which provides web hosting along with domain name like Godaddy , Hostgator etc . So always buy your domain and web hosting from the same company so as to feel comfortable .


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