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Blog monetization is one of the main task which has to be taken very seriously in order to make money from your blog . The type of ads , size of ads , placement of ads and some other factors plays a vital role in the concept of blog monetization . So , while monetizing your blog , you also have to take care of your blog . As a blog owner , you may know very well about different types of online advertising like text advertising , image advertising , in-text advertising etc . But today , i am going to let you familiar with a new type of blog advertising i.e. in-image advertising . In-image advertising are a great monetization tool for the blog owners as it shows ads on the images of the blog . It means that you don’t need any extra advertising space , which is a wonderful feature of in-image advertising .This feature made in-image advertising very popular within a short period of momentum . In-image ads will be shown on your blog’s images just by viewing some sponsored text links on the images of your blog . Therefore , it could be a great monetizing method for any blog owner as it does not require any extra advertising space of your blog . But , choosing a right in-image advertising image is also very much important .

So today I am going to list up a lot of in-image advertising networks which are very popular and beneficial at the present time . Here is the list :-

[1] Pixazza [ Pixazza.Com ] :- Pixazza is the leader of in-image advertising which is powered by google adsense . You have full control over your ads and the ads are quite relevant to your images . All your blog needs is some images , means your blog should contain minimum images so that the ads can be viewed when a visitor hang over the image . If you have a travel type blog , then Pixazza is more recommended to you . The minimum payout amount for publishers is 10$ through Paypal and Cheque .

[2] Image Space Media [ Imagespacemedia.Com ] :- This is another contextual in-image advertising network which is quite flexible and reliable . Image Space Media will show relevant advertisements on your blog’s images but one thing you should remember is to complete all the informations regarding your blog . Then only you can get contextual or relevant advertisements . And the most wonderful feature of this network is that it allows social integration and bookmarking . Means , your visitors can also share your images among different social networks . The minimum checkout amount for publishers is 25$ through US Mail or Paypal .

[3] GumGum [ Gumgum.Com ] :- GumGum is another great in-image advertising network which is widely popular among many blog owners . You can earn an additional income from your blog on a CPM basis . GumGum makes your blog’s images more valuable and displays context based ads on your blog’s images . Till now , GumGum have reached approximately 75 million unique visitors per month . One great feature of GumGum is its in-image toolbar , which lets your images to be shared among different social networks and it also brings targeted traffic to your blog . So , let’s get ahead and publish ads of different branded companies on your blog . The minimum payout amount is 50$ through Paypal .

[4] PixWise [ Pixwise.Com ] :- Pixwise is a good in-image ad network which is very popular among many webmasters because of its context related ads . Minimum image dimension settings and tagging of PixWise makes it more comfortable as it let us have full control over our ads . Earn upto 80% of the ad revenue and you can also view your adsense ads when PixWise could not deliver ads . The minimum payout amount is 100$ via Paypal .


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