Search Engine Optimization For The Beginners

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Search engine optimization or SEO has become a general concept among all the bloggers but some newbie bloggers don’t know what SEO really is and how much important is it . Nowadays , creating a blog is quite easy but getting traffic to your blog seemed to be heard but if you know about SEO then your blog can really get some traffic . SEO means optimizing your webpages for the organic search results in the popular seach engines like Google and Bing . SEO is the main thing that every webmaster should do to get some organic traffic to their blog . To understand clearly about SEO , you should know the following concepts :-

[1] PPC (Pay Per Click) :- PPC stands for pay per click which is very important to know about SEO . PPC is the main thing for SEO because in order to make your blog SEO friendly you should purchase clicks from seach engines which is on PPC basis .

[2] Backlink :-  Backlink is a link of your blog or site on other webpages which redirects to your blog or site . Baclinks are very important for the SEO of your blog because it affects your pagerank and alexa rank . You can exchange links with your friend bloggers to get better SEO which could be benefitial for both of you . 

[3] Pagerank :-  Pagerank can be called as a tool used by google to recognise the importance of the webpages around the net . It usually depends on backlinks , so link exchanging can be a way to increase your pagerank . 

[4] Meta Tags :- Metatags are the codes which helps the seach engines to get more information about your webpages . Meta tags are placed inside the html content of the webpages and it is not visual to the human visitors . To get a meta tag for your webpages , sign up for a webmaster tools account and include your blog url there .

 [5] SERP :- SERP stands for seach engine results page . When any person search for a certain keyword , a result page appers , this page is know as SERP . The more seach engine rank you blog will have , the more chances to be appeared in the SERP .

[6] Robots.txt :- Robots.txt is a file which is placed in the root of your blog domain to inform the search bots about your blog’s structur and sitemap . Robots.txt is a file which stops certain search bots to access the folders , files of your blog . 

These are the most important concepts to know clearly about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . Everybody can understand about SEO , if they know about the above concepts . 


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