Finding a Cheap Replacement Cell Phone Battery

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Have you ever wondered why a replacement cell phone battery is so overpriced? The answer is simple, markup. Your cell phone provider normally reserves deals for when you sign a new two-year contract guaranteeing them a monthly payment from you. Service providers make most of their money by selling you accessories for your phone. One of he most important accessories they sell is a replacement battery and most people do not realize that an identical replacement battery can be found online for a much cheaper price. I saved my mom nearly 75% of what her service provider wanted to charged.

Remove Battery Cover
As long as you have a phone other than an iPhone you will be able to find a replacement battery online. First start by turning off your phone and removing the battery cover to access the battery. If you cannot figure out how to remove the cover, please consult your cell phone’s user manual.

Identify the Battery Model Number
Once you can see the battery, look for the battery model number, which will be clearly printed on the battery. The actual model number themselves are created by the manufacturers to dictate which battery works in which device. The model number itself should be a combination of letters and numbers with possible dash marks such as LGIB-530B or D-X1.

Search for your Battery Model Number Online
Once you have found the battery model number open a Google search page in your Internet browser and do a search for your battery model number. It is a good idea to include the battery model, the cell phone brand, and any other important information in your search in order to find the proper battery for your phone. For example if I had a blackberry phone I would Google D-X1 BlackBerry battery or if I had an LG Dare phone I could just Google the battery model number LGIP-530B sent the battery model number contains LG. On the top of the Google search window you will see a link for shopping. If you click this link it will show you listings online for the battery that match your search. Online Battery Purchase Google shopping will display a picture of each product for sale. Look for a picture of the same battery that is in your cell phone to ensure proper compatibility before purchasing. You will be surprised how much you will save even with the cost of shipping. Recently my mother’s cell phone battery needed to be replaced and we were able to find the battery online shipped for $12. Her service provider wanted $40 for the exact same battery. Now that is an easy way to save!

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