Sex, Younger Women And Mans Longevity

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Over the last 4000 years of recorded history there have been umpteen cases of older men having relations with younger girls and women. In fact in the olden days it was the prerogative of the king to take a younger girl as his consort or concubine and no eyebrows were raised. The ancient Hindu manuals in particular laid great stress on a sexual relationship of an older man with a younger woman as a recipe for youthful vigor. In addition they also mentioned that such a relationship would bear the fruit of a longer life. Thus longevity and sex with a younger woman are inter-related. We must remember that when we talk of a younger woman having a relation ship with an older man it in real terms is only a sexual relationship.

Longevity and Sex with Younger women

 Modern scientists have been studying   this aspect of the relationship and some startling facts have emerged. Scientists at Stanford University and Denmark have carried out some studies on this phenomenon and have concluded that men are apt to live longer in case they have a relationship with a younger woman.

The question that needs an answer is as to what is a younger woman. Does it mean an age difference of 50 years or 15? Though there is no hard and fast rule in this matter, but generally a younger woman would be anything from 15to 20 years younger than the man. But there is no doubt that when an older man courts a younger woman it does affect his physiology and is generally good for the heart and body.

The Age Difference

 By definition a younger woman would be anything between 15 to 25 years younger than the man. Though there is no hard and fast rule. However the point to be borne in mind is that an age difference will have a physiological effect on the metabolism of man and will spur him forward with good resultant effects.

Though times have changed where in the olden age a man of means by right could abduct or carry off a younger girl, yet it is not a difficult proposition in the modern world to strike a relationship with a younger woman. One question that may be asked is that a man benefits with a relationship with a younger girl, but what about the women. Does she gain anything? This is more a matter of individual opinion and philosophy, but a younger woman will appreciate the greater adoration and physical play that an older man will bring in.


We are not concerned with the ethics of such a relationship, but purely on a biological level a relationship with a younger woman will bring untold benefits to a mans health and longevity.


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