Graphic Design or Visual Communication

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Today, graphic design believed to be a work of art is technology intensive, has a very comprehensive impact to the community as the target audience. Why? Since its existence is able to inform new product to an audience. He has the charisma to consumers to be invited to buy and use goods and services offered to him. He is also skilled stimulate audiences to think about something that had never occurred to her. Thus, when we recognize and wrestle graphic design, then we seemed to be bearer of glad tidings unto all the people in the form visual communication which covers all areas of human life, either with a target commercial and social objectives. Therefore, the myth of the graphic design profession and the people who cultivate it is no longer simply someone clever “drive” computer graphics with all its programs and excellent illustrations make use RAPIDO, colored pencils, poster paint, and airbrush. However, the more essential, he is a designer, the originator and inventor of the idea first.

Understanding Graphic Design
According to the Dictionary of Electronics Simple (
Graphic design is a form of visual communication using images to convey information or messages as effectively as possible. In graphic design , The text also considered the picture as a result of abstraction of symbols that can be sounded. Graphic design is applied in communication design and fine art. Like other types of design, graphic design can refer to the process of manufacture, design methods, the resulting product (design), or any discipline that is used (design).

The art of graphic design include cognitive skills and visual skills, including typography, illustration, photography, image processing, and layout.

Media Restrictions
Graphic design was originally applied to static media, such as book , magazine , And brochure . In addition, in line with the times, graphic design is also applied in the electronic media, which are often referred to as interactive design or multimedia design. Boundary dimensions has changed over the development of thinking about design. Graphic design can be implemented into a design environment that includes a processing chamber.

Principles and Elements of Design
Elements in graphic design same as the basic elements in other design disciplines. These elements (including shape, shape (form), texture, line, space, and color) form the basic principles of visual design. These principles, such as equilibrium (balance), rhythm (rhythm), stress (emphasis), the proportion (“Proportion”) and unity (unity), then form a structural aspect of a larger composition.

List of Graphic Design Software
There are several software used in graphic design :

  1. Desktop Publishing
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Indesign
    Macromedia Freehand

  2. Webdesign
    Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Microsoft FrontPage

  3. Audiovisual
    Adobe After Effects
    Adobe Premier
    Final Cut
    Adobe Flash, Macromedia Flash or previous

  4. Rendering 3 Dimensions
    3Ds Max Studio

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