Life in The Express Lane

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In a hurry, jump out and run into the store to grab bread and milk before rushing home, making sure to get in the express cash lane. The line is long and the guy in front of you has a buggy load of items and a credit card clutched

tightly in his hand. Politely, you remind him this is the cash EXPRESS lane for ten items or less. You even point out

the big sign to him. He ignores you. Again, you approach him and he just stares at you like you are some invisible

bug on his windshield of life. You glance around hoping someone else will take a stand but to no avail.  Perhaps

security will step in and enforce the rules.  Fat chance.  Now what does one do? Does one continue standing in the

line? Does one put his items down and leave the store vowing to never shop here again? Does one find management

and insist  on compliance? Does one jump in front of him as he struggles to unload his cart? Does one simply wait

calmly until both shoppers are outside in the parking lot? Does one just remove all but ten items from his cart? Does

one smugly ask him can he read, or can he count? Does one continually capture his attention by repeatedly saying

sir, this is the express lane? Perhaps one grabs the others item and counts aloud for all to see. One could just

change lanes,  kinda put the shoe on the other foot thing. Or, one could simply stand quietly and contemplate the

words he intends to use to describe this experience in his blog when he finally reaches home with sour milk and

squshed bread in hand.Couldn’t one? You tell me, you decide, you be the judge and jury.One can only imagine

what shopping trauma does to the brain. I think it could be compared to road rage.  Someone should do a study

on this and give a very scientific name. A name that would be recognized the world over. Something that rolls off the

tongue like the carts roll up and down the aisles………..I think  I’ll stick to orange juice in the mornings from now on.


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