How Much to Charge For Dog Walking

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How much to charge for dog walking will depend on many factors. If you are serious about making money by becoming a dog walker you must do your research and compare prices with other dog walking businesses in your area. If you don’t do this, you will be very disappointed and will not make a profit. When people first start out they seem to all have the same reaction when they find out how much dog walkers make. This is of course until they start actually working in the field and understanding the cost’s that are associated with dog walking.

Before you decide how much you are going to charge you will need to decide if you are going to be a professional dog walker, or if you are just going to walk a couple of dog’s for some quick cash. If you are considering dog walking as your profession, you will need to charge more to off set your expenses. Many people don’t realize that there are expenses that are associated in the pet sitting business. They assume that dog walking is an easy and low cost business. This is not exactly true.

Continue reading this article to learn how much to charge for dog walking.

1. How far will you travel? The closer you are to your home the better. If you can provide dog walking in your local area you are going to make a bigger profit. I wouldn’t recommend a dog walker to travel more then 5 miles to a clients home. The more time you spend traveling to and from clients homes you are taking away from your profit. If it takes you 30 minutes to travel to a clients home and you are providing a 30 minute dog walk, that is 1 hour of your time. So if you are charging them $15.00 for a 30 minute dog walk, but it’s taking you an hour with travel time that is actually breaking down to $7.50 for a 30 minute dog walk.

You might think that is still not a bad profit to be made, but you still have more to consider. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Fuel Expense. We  just discussed how travel time will cut into your profit, but if you are driving to and from your clients homes, and I assume you will be, you will need to deduct gas expenses from your profit as well. Some vehicles get better gas mileage than others, so you will need to know how many miles per gallon your vehicle gets in order to find out what you can expect to deduct from your profit. It’s not uncommon for a professional dog walking company to charge a mileage fee for their services.

3. Taxes. Yes, any business that is excepting money for goods, or services will have to pay taxes. This is the law and it is active in every state. You will need to speak with you accountant and find out what you can expect to pay in taxes. Each state is different and you will need to consult with a professional and find out the best way to pay your taxes. You can choose to pay them monthly, quarterly, or annually. This may sound confusing, but it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it.

These are the three most costly expenses that will effect your income. Now you know what to expect, you can determine how much to charge for dog walking services.


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