United States And Indo-Pak Relations

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United States and Indo-Pak Relations

brotee mukhopadhyay

The following is to quote from the Indo-Asian News Service:

“This (aid) is being used against us, which is not a nice gesture on the part of (the) U.S. and we have raised this issue with them many times  …”

This is how A.K.Antony (Defense Minister of India) has reacted to the recent attempt of American military aid to Pakistan.

During the last decades, US has been found to be extremely liberal in offering military assistance to Pakistan magnitude of which is as unbelievably high as $20.7 billion. It is, of course, a part of the US interest in the South Asian region. America wants Pakistan as its military ally in its offensives against the Al Qaeda and Taliban which is a part of its war against international terrorism.

This being very important, the United States has risked to be criticized by the watchers of the international development, because funds and materials of war have regularly been shipped to the leaders of a nation who have consistent records of denouncing democracy and preferring dictatorship. It is a very sad experience for the people of the land of plenty and pleasure to see their leaders supporting a nation where people’s aspiration for democracy has been dishonored time and again. On the other hand, the United States claims to champion democracy all over the world which a great section of the global people believes and loves to believe.

It is not secret that both Pakistan and India have regional ambition, and incidentally, Kashmir is a bone of contention for the two nations. It is also not secret that Pakistan’s ISI has a role in conducting destructive operations in the soil of India for which militants are being trained in Pakistan. 26/11 Mumbai massacre is the last great example to support this allegation cited by New Delhi.

It is not possible for Pakistan to accept this charge. Simultaneously, it should be noted that Pakistan has itself become target of the Taliban and dreaded Al Qaeda. What the U.S. leaders should bear in mind is that people in India and Pakistan want to develop warm relation between the two nations. The U.S. should support Pakistan to develop into a solid democratic state, and not the arms which Pakistan uses against India traditionally.

The running U.S. policy in the region of the Indian subcontinent must raise some unpalatable questions. One may tend to ask if this huge and great country does rally want peace in this region or if it would go on shipping arms to strife-torn neighboring countries to meet its own economic challenge.


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