Helpless Karzai With Little Options in Hand

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Helpless Karzai with Little Options in Hand

brotee mukhopadhyay

The report of Hamid Karzai (President of Afghanistan) issuing warning to mighty NATO and US forces for their wrong-doings appears to be useless noise of disappointment. He has used words like ‘last warning’ which is absolutely unconvincing to anybody.

President Karzai seems to have been tired of the situation which has remained beyond his control since the day he chanced to sit on the hot chair a few years back after an election. The latest of his reactions has been emerged because of the mindless air-attack by the NATO and American forces in the southern region of Afghanistan in which 14 people were killed and many others were injured. They were innocent women and children.

On 28thof May last, bombs from air were dropped on a couple of houses in the province named Helmand. President Karzai fails to understand why the civilians are targeted by the forces which are in Afghanistan to ensure his position against the brutal attack of the dreaded terrorists.

Representatives of the coalition forces have also issued a statement assuring that this undesirable airstrike will be studied and the result of the study will be made public in future. The air attack was actually retaliation against a terrorist strike on a nearby US marine camp.

President Karzai is, indeed, helpless. He can only request the combined forces to avoid night operations and he has simply done things like this. It is a fact that he has little control over large part of Afghanistan even now. On the other hand, it is impossible to predict when American war against terrorism on the soil of his land would be concluded for all practical purposes. Coalition forces, combination of US and NATO forces, has 1, 50,000 soldiers, including 1, 00,000 only from the United States, by this time in Afghanistan. One of the reasons for their years-old stay over the Hindukush mountainous region is to ensure safe running of the Karzai government.

The government of Karzai has been and still is at the mercy of the USA. The US forces would remain in Afghanistan so long it is necessary from the American point of view. Nobody can predict how long it will take to steam off the dreaded Taliban. And Karzai’s destiny is tied to this phenomenon. 


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