Microsoft Office Outlook: Working With Outlook Calendars Part 1

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Microsoft Office Outlook calendar is the scheduling component of Microsoft Office Application pack. Using Microsoft Outlook Calendars you can integrate your schedules, create and plot your personal schedule and events, input your schedules and organize your meetings and conferences. You can also share your schedules online with your other friends and co-workers. Using Microsoft Outlook calendars you can manage other users or your friend’s calendars that are shared onto you.

Creating Multiple Microsoft Office Outlook Calendars. Using your Microsoft Outlook Calendar applications was much interesting by creating multiple calendars. Microsoft Outlook Calendars can be view side by side. You can display multiple calendars as many as you want in your Microsoft Outlook Application. Each of Outlook calendars have its own dates and scheduling. So you can create several calendars for your Home schedule, Office Schedule and others. To create multiple calendars just click on File> New > and select Calendar. To display your desired calendar just click on the checkbox of your desired calendars found in “All Calendars” at the left pane of your Microsoft Outlook Calendar application dashboard.

Creating New Appointment. There are many ways to create and input your new appointment in your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Method 1: Create new appointment by clicking the “New” button found in your Microsoft Outlook Calendars application dashboard. Method 2: you can also create your new appointment by clicking on you file menu, then select “New”, and click on Appointment. Method 3: and also you can create a new appointment by clicking on your action Menu and click on appointments. Method 4: using your keyboard, hit Ctrl+N to create new appointment in Microsoft Outlook.

Enter the subject and location where to perform the task or where the appointment was. Enter the date and time when the appointment will be started under “start time”. next enter the end time and date of your appointment. You can also select all day event by checking the checkbox “All day event”. Enter all the details of your appointment in that particular date by typing it directly on the textbox below.  Click save and close if you already finish.

Selecting Microsoft Outlook Calendar View. You can set your Microsoft Outlook Calendar view based on your desire. You can view it by day, week or month. If you select the day, the time was display from morning until midnight. You can see your schedule with that day plotted in the appointment set time. If you selected week, your calendar will be display 7 days schedule. Days will be start with the day you selected in the setting of Microsoft Outlook started day, for example I selected Sunday so may weekly schedule will de started on Sunday until Saturday.


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