Where Facebook Users Can Share Their Opinions?

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I can not even begin to tell you how many new things that I have personally discovered through Facebook privacy settings, and how my friends on Facebook privacy settings broadened my horizons and introduced me to new things I had never before discovered. For several days I hear the news because my Facebook privacy settings friends to publish articles and thoughts about writing … even before I discovered a news site. I found new places in the world, the incredible new people visit introduced, have discovered new music and bands to follow, and I had put my views into question, everything from politics at home in Broadway musicals.

ROC: journalists use Facebook privacy settings unexpectedly. What are some key trends that you noticed? Are you surprised by the new applications? Can you give us details about his interaction with the ABC in the past and hope that things in the future? What has been your interaction with other media and journalists?

However, I see more and more media companies to the importance of allowing people content that they consume to find, understand not just consume media on the company’s Web site. Like I said, I do not think journalism disappear experts – people always want a trusted advice when it comes to news, politics, current events and issues are addressed – but people prefer the content on a site already received in action, as Facebook privacy settings, instead of in a different place if you on Facebook privacy settings to interact with friends and do other things.

When working with ABC in the presidential debates, we have built a very powerful tool in the entire “political demand of the United States.” In this area, on Facebook privacy settings that enables users, content, and ABC news special pages for journalists during the election campaign, where they can blog about their experiences and consume were produced jointly with users of Facebook privacy settings. We also try to make this region very interactive, so that almost all concepts, content items, and the question in a “debate and discussion on” where Facebook privacy settings users can share their opinions and see what all his friends thought about a specific problem. This information has helped to fuel some of the comments of a senior expert, the TV debate in prime time for the presidential candidates in New Hampshire.


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