Working With Two Identities in Outlook Express

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Outlook Express is a mail client and also as news client application bundled in Windows Operating system. Outlook Express was a default email client for Windows 98, Windows Server 2003, Windows 95 and windows XP.  Outlook express was installed and bundled with the Microsoft windows operating system Installation pack together with Internet Explorer. Outlook express started its journey as an email client with version 4.0, 5.5 to 6.0. Later it was not already included in the new Windows operating systems; Windows Vista and Windows 7 because it was replace by a higher version and more updated mail clients Windows Mail and Windows Live mail respectively.

Outlook Express has an ability to support multiple accounts setup which was also known as multiple identities. You can switch with these multiple identities. Each of these identities has its own email Inboxes, outboxes, sent items, deleted and drafts. Each of these identities also has its own email address and password. All setup identities were not related each other and not affects the emails and contacts of each other because they have their own identities folder in your Microsoft Outlook Express installation and data directories. They stored also separate contacts or separated wab files.

Multiple identities will be manually set up in your Outlook Express. Here’ how to set up multiple identities in your Outlook Express Mail Client application.

  1. Open your Outlook express application

  2. Go to file > Identities > New Identity

  3. Type the Identity Name

  4. You can add password for security purposes if you want.

  5. Click Ok

You have now added new identity. You will now set up your new email address in the newly created Outlook express Identity to begin use it. Before you can download email messages, send and receive with your email identities you will first switch your identities. Here how to switch your identities.

  1. Go to file Menu

  2. Click on switch identities and select the identities you want to use and click OK

Managing your identities has also made easy. Just click on the file menu of your Outlook Express Application click on Identities and select Manage Identities. Select the Identity you want to switch and click Ok.


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