How To Monetize A Blog

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If you are a blogger , then monetizing your blog might be the first thing to do . There are many ways to monetize your blog and in this post i am going to post about the most profitable ways to monetize your that can really let you earn some good cash from your blog . But if you have a blog with a low traffic , then you earnings will be very little . So try the different ways to increase your blog traffic because you can only make money through your blog when you have traffic . I will post about increasing your blog traffic later , now lets talk about monetization .The different ways of monetization are listed below with description :-

[1] PPC Advertising Networks :- PPC stands for pay per click means you will be paid on the basis of ad clicks . Adsense is the most popular advertising network under this category . It is also know as cost per click (CPC) . To earn money from PPC ad networks , first you have to sign up for a PPC ad network ( i personally recommend you to use adsense and chitika ) and then paste the html code on your webpages . After that contextual ads will start showing on your webpages . Your earnings will be higher if your CTR (click through rate) is high . CTR depends on your blog traffic and your blog’s niche . The ads that will be shown on your pages will be relevant to your blog’s niche . As you know that different ads have different CTR , so blog’s niche is very very important to get higher CTR . Nowadays , google adsense CTR rates are higher in the blogs which are based on WordPress and SEO . I recommend you to prefer adsense because its CTR rates are much higher that the other ad networks .

[2] CPM Advertising Networks :- CPM stands for cost per mille , which means cost per 1000 impressions . CPM ad networks are quite similar like PPC ad networks but the difference is that it pays according to the number of impressions or page views . But the disadvantage with CPM ad networks is that it doesn’t allows the sites which have a little traffic . At least your blog should have 10000 page views per month so as to be get approved by the CPM ad networks . It pays on thousand impressions and different ad networks have different CPM rates . Tribal Fusion is the most popular ad network under this category because its CPM rates are much higher than the other CPM ad networks .

[3] Direct Advertising :- Nowadays , direct advertising has become a very popular way to monetize your blog . You can sell your advertising spaces by yourself or use a direct advertising network like buysellads , ioipublisher , advertisespace etc. It is the most profitable and compatible method of monetization because you can select your own prices , own ways and you can choose which type of banners you want to view . Direct advertising can be a regular monthly income source for your blog but the only disadvantage of direct advertising is that finding advertisers . So later , i will make a post on finding advertisers for your blog . So stay updated with our blog . You can use direct advertising networks like buysellads or oiopublisher .

[4] Text And Link Ads :- Link are not preferred by all publishers because it can affect your blog’s SEO and can also let your adsense account declined . So it better to avoid it but the publishers who has been declined by adsense then it can be a profitable way . Text link ads are quite similar to direct advertising but the only difference is that it only includes text and link ads . The most popular networks under this category are ask2link , linkworth , text-link-ads etc . Hopefully , linkworth is the best .

[5] Pop Up And Pop Under Advertising :- This is also a type of advertising in which ads are comes in a new window . This can be a good income source for your blog because it has more chances of clicks . This can be a good choice for the small publishers to improve their blog earnings . But the disadvantage of pop up and pop under ads is that nowadays , many pop up blockers has been built to stop the pop up ads . So nowadays , its not much demanded .

[6] In Text Advertising :- In text advertising is a very commonly used advertising because it doesn’t require any extra ad space . These type of advertising is based on your keywords of your blog .The links which are sponsored by the ad network are generally double lined which helps to differentiate between normal words and sponsored words . When a visitor moves his cursor above the double lined links , ads will be appeared and you will be paid on the basis of total clicks . Infolinks and Kontera are most popular under this category .

I recommend you to use Infolinks because it has a good CTR rate .

[7] PPP Advertising :- PPP stands for pay per play . Nowadays , many audio ad networks has been introduced which pays you when a visitor plays the sponsored audio . You will be paid on the basis of no of plays . Usually , you will be paid if the audio runs for a minimum duration of 5 seconds . Net audio ads is most popular under this category .

[8] Sponsored Reviews :- Sponsored reviews are the most profitable way to monetize your blog because you will be paid per sponsored post you make in your blog . You will get jobs or reviews depending on your blog’s page rank and alexa rank . But the main disadvantage of sponsored reviews is that it affects your blog’s SERP (Search engine results page) . Payperpost , Socialspark , Reviewme are the most trusted and popular networks under this category .

[9] Widget Advertising :- This is a type of advertising in which you have to place a sponsored widget on your blog and you can earn money on CPC basis . It means you can earn money on the basis of total clicks . Smartlinks , Scratchback are most popular under this category .

[10] Job Boards :- Job boards are commonly use by many pro bloggers to increase their blog earnings . All you have to do is sign up for a job network and place the job board on your blog . You can choose your own price which is generally varies from 10$-100$ per month . I can really a profitable monetizing method . It would be better if your blog is based on finance cases and ideas . Jobthread and Jobbex are most popular under this category .

[11] Paid Polls :- Paid polls pays on the basis of CPM . All you need to do is to sign up for Vizu Answers and select a certain poll or surevey to be placed on your blog .

[12] RSS Feed Advertising :- RSS is a technique which let your visitors updated with your blog . And you can also earn from your blog’s RSS feed . You can deliver ads with your feeds and earn money on CPC and CPM basis . Google adsense have recently added this feature to its network , so i recommend you to use google adsense . Bidvertiser and pheedo are another two alternatives .

[13] Premium Services :- You can provide premium services to your readers or visitors and earn from your services . I personally offer adsnse account creation , blog creation and blogger template creation to my readers and i am also earning a good money from it . You can also offer some premium services through your blog .

[14] Affiliate Marketing :- Affiliate marketing is the most popular and profitable way to earn a lot of money . I can also be done without having a website or blog and if you have a blog of your own then it can be really profitable . You can earn commissions on CPA basis (Cost per affiliate) , by selling any product directly or indirectly . Just promote your affiliate link or banner on your site to get more customers and commissions . Clickbank and Commissionjunction are most popular under this category .

[15] Donation Button :- Actually , its not a monetizing method but you can earn money if your work is good and people like your work . Then people will surely donate at least a little amount . Just put a donation button on your blog and get donations for your wonderful works . This is a type of paid appreciation .

I think that this is the proper list you were searching for . Hopefully , these can be the best ways to monetize your blog and earn a decent income from our blog .


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