Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Game Review

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At some point, we all acknowledged that the original Force Unleashed would not have a happy ending. Starkiller (called the secret apprentice) did not have a chance at defeating Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. Even though he did not save the galaxy, Starkiller did make do to start the Rebellion before sustaining a fatal dose of Force lightning. Sacrificing himself for the good of the Alliance, he expired in the Emperor’s chamber on the first Death Star.

You may think that Starkiller’s death would make it hard for him to play a significant role in The Force Unleashed II. “That left us with sort of a big challenge,” admits executive producer Haden Blackman. “We researched several possible directions, but finally felt really strongly about returning Starkiller as a character.” The team’s resolution to reviving a dead character is exposed in the opening moments of the sequel.

After the signature text crawl, Darth Vader’s TIE fighter comes down on the planet Kamino, where the clones for the imperial army are produced. About six months have lapsed since the events of the first game, and Vader gets a new pet project in the works in a secret cell of the cloning facility: another Starkiller. According to Vader, the Jedi is only a clone of the original, but the story puts doubt on that statement early on. After turning on Vader and breaking out of the facility, Starkiller tries to figure out who he is while tracking down Juno Eclipse and breaking away from the Empire’s agents.

Whether Starkiller is a clone or not, his powers certainly aren’t the same as the last time. In addition to dual-wielding lightsabers, he has gets an improved array of Force powers. This implies you will see new powers, such as Mind Trick – an ability that turns enemies against each other and may even trigger off suicidal tendencies. However, you will also see enhancements to classic abilities, with a better focus on distinguishing the effects each time you invest in a new tier of the power. “What you buy counts,” says project lead Julio Torres. “It significantly matters.”

You will have a lot of chances to put Starkiller’s new powers to the test as you hunt down Juno in a range of new worlds. From derelict vessels to the Las Vegas-like trappings of planet Cato Neimoidia, you will witness even more of the Star Wars universe, but the alterations in scenery won’t essentially change the way you play The Force Unleashed II. It’s still all about busting up everything using the Force, and that’s amusing irrespective what galaxy you’re in.


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