Application For Restaurants in The Philippines

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Hiring a good applicant for a restaurant is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We have 2 restaurant business and the biggest challenge I encountered was getting or hiring people to work for us. I have high expectations from people in terms of work. I don’t settle for just anyone who is looking for a job. That was before. Currently, looking for a worker in a restaurant is really hard. Based from my experience, running a restaurant for 2years already, if they are not satisfied with something, they just leave you anytime they want. Although there is a signed contract, they still don’t take it seriously. Sometimes, I don’t see any loyalty from them. It should be a give and take relationship between the management and the employees.

Through time, I’ve learned different tips on how to hire an applicant. There are things that you have to consider. From the most simple trait until the tip of their fingernail.

  1. Don’t hire an applicant who doesn’t smile during interview. They should be able to put in mind that working in a restaurant give customer service. And customer satisfaction is the main goal. If you make your customer happy, then you have trained good people. It will all start with a good, welcoming smile.

  2. Take a good look at the applicant as they walk towards you. If they slouch or have bad posture, then there may be a problem.

  3. Check their fingernails. Is it clean or take cared of? Its an indicator if they have good hygiene as well as their self respect and self esteem.

  4. Ask the applicant good questions, so you can see how they handle work and their work ethics. You also have to know the reason why they left their previous job.

  5. Put in mind, not to hire someone just because they are pretty or good looking or because you like them. Hiring someone on the spot will solve your head count problem but it might not be a good hire.

  6. If the interview is going well, explain to the applicant your rules and polices so they can fully understand what you are expected of them.


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