The Sims 3 Game Review

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3DS/ DS/DSi/ Mobile/ PC/ PS3/ Wii/ X360

1-Player Simulation

Electronic Arts

By The Sims Studio

Release: October 26, 2010

When The Sims 3 released last June 2010, it easily became the most successful week one PC launch in EA’s long and revered history, leaving sizable measures for its console brethren to live up to. While the central functionality of the game rests unchanged, remarkable additions give Sims 3 on console new gleam – enough to deserve a bit of envy from PC loyalists.

The console variation of Sims 3 plays just like its PC predecessor – a deviation from past ports that forced players to modified linear play. EA did a wonderful job of addressing control issues, making navigation as organic as possible having no mouse and keyboard. Commands are intuitively mapped out and the streamlined interface is comfortable to use. Choosing objects isn’t as accurate as with a pointer, but a popup menu will present you having options if several objects are in close prcximity.

The Karma system is the most intriguing add-on, and which anyone might exploit often, even to the detriment of the little tenant. Utilizing “super satisfy” to max out my sim’s rewards your sim with challenge points, which can be converted for new outfits, karma powers,  household objects, and more. Some challenges are simple, like attending a sporting event in Moonlight Bay. Some are more complex, like having twins. Nevertheless, all challenges facilitate exploration and lead you to experience everything Sims 3 has to give.

The new exchange system is certain to sate players using an incessant supply of user-generated content. From the exchange hub you can custom-make a personal profile, search for products that fit your needs, favorite items, manage your own custom content, and more. Its usefulness ultimately depends on the creativeness of the community, but that’s not been a problem for the series in the past.

With Sims 3, console gamers ultimately get a true translation of the gameplay that has created the PC entries such a hit. Engrossing new content and intuitive design makes picking up the console port of EA’s digital dollhouse a no-brainer.

Get ready to have customized Sims 3 fun, now available in several formats.


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