How To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment

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There are various ways to make money online but most of the people are not aware of it . All you need is a computer with an internet connection . I came to know about making money online in 2010 and searched for the various ways to make money online . So in this post , i will discuss about the various ways to make money online that i learned in my online career . The ways are given below :-

[1] Blogging :- Blogging has been a popular way to make money online and for most of the people , it become a passion and only way to make money . First start a blog and monetize it through different ways . You can start a free blog or make a self hosted blog , self hosted blog is much better than a free blog because it provides more features that a free blog . WordPress and blogger are the most popular free blogging platform .

[2] PTC & GPT Sites :- These are very popular ways to make money . In ptc sites , you will be paid for viewing ads of sponsored advertisers and in gpt sites , you will get various tasks to complete and make some bux from it . Neobux and onbux are the leaders of ptc industries and if we talk about gpt sites , donkeymails and treasuretrooper are the leaders .

[3] Affiliate Marketing :- This can a useful way to make money online if you know how to promote and sell products . You will be paid commissions for selling goods . You can promote the products through your blog , social networking sites . I recommend to use amazon and clickbank because these sites pays much better and also very legit .

[4] Writing Articles :- Writing articles online is also a easy and a recommended way to make some money from your own articles . Just join some article writing sites like factoidz , helium , triond , ehow and publish your articles . You will be paid on the basis of total views . But , wait thats not the only solution because some of the article writing sites also offers revenue sharing . It means that you can view ads along with your articles and get sharing from the earnings and even some sites also offers 100% revenue sharing like shetoldme .

[5] Freelancing :- Freelancing is a way to make money online in which you have the ultimate freedom . You can do freelance jobs at , etc.

[6] Data Entry Jobs :- Data enry jobs can a huge way to make some extra profit . All you have to do is to sign up for some sites that offers data entry jobs and you will be provided some jobs in word,excel,pdf etc. You have to complete them and submit them in the relavent period .

[7] Paid Forums :- There are some forums that pays their users to post in their forums . Be active in the forum and make the most from it .

[8] File Sharing :- Their are some file hosting services which pays you to upload files . You will be paid on the basis of total downloads .

[9] Social Networking :- There are many social networking out there that pays you . Search the net to know more about it .

[10] Paid Reviews :- There are some sites like reviewstream , sharedreviews that pays you to review about some certain products that you use in your daily life .


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