Flowers – Beautiful Flowers For Our Home Gardens

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If we want to make our homes a beautiful garden, there are many ways, one of which is to plant waste. Interest is something beautiful to look at, also can create a beautiful garden of our house so well. In this world, only a few people who do not like flowers. There are so many types of flowers with various color and aroma of each. Here there are several types of beautiful flowers that can be planted in the garden of our house so that we become more beautiful garden

Bleeding heart

Flowers are usually pink, red or white and grow between April and June. They got the name from its resemblance to a small heart with drops of blood at the end. They have a strange appearance and popularly used in landscape design. They usually grow 2-3 inches tall and shady garden favorite.

Blue bells

As the name suggests the flowers beautiful blue and shaped like a small bell. This story is that they are named by the 19th-century romantic poets as a symbol of regret and loneliness. The stem is between 10 and 30 cm long and they usually bend over. They usually bloom in April and may.


Almost everyone familiar with the beautiful appearance and smell the roses. There are over 100 species in the Rosacea family. Some popular types of roses Gallica, China, Bourbon, Polyantha, hybrid tea rose and English roses. They usually have different colors have different meanings. Red is the traditional sign of love, white is for purity and innocence and pink symbolize elegance and grace.


The flowers are from England and has become very common in the United States. They have beautiful color yellow with red tips and there are more than 1500 species of begonias in the world.


This is a genus of orchids, which was founded in 1799 by Olof Swart. Beautiful flowers have the appearance of magical because they are the perfect formation and delicacy. He has a combination of yellow, white and lavender.


This is also known, as Jasmine and native West Indies dub tropical and tropical. The red Ixora commonly used in folk medicine in India or Hindu worship. Over the years this interest has been associated with the spirit and sexuality improvement.


This is a delicate flower with yellow petals and pink. The flowers can also be white, orange, red and purple. These are great for the garden, they may require a lot of sun, but can grow in poor soils.

Black eyed Susan

These flowers are considered the two-year and this meant that they lived for two years. During the first year, they grow as a rosette of leaves grows by forming the center and in the last year to send up flower stalks before he died. Black-eyed Susan yellow with brownish purple center. They generally bloom throughout the month of June, July, August, September and October. They have a tendency to attract butterflies, which may be one reason why many people choose to plant them in their gardens and why they are among the most beautiful flowers in the world.


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