Spend Less to Save And Invest More

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There are so many instances when we feel that buying a particular thing is what we need. Buying that signature Bag, that latest Iphone, that rolex watch, that trip to europe,dining at a fancy restaurant  etch. Usually it is the  influence of our peers and society that dictates such urge, but if you really think about it you’ll  later realize that these things are not actually NEEDs but WANTS.

Then how do we differentiate our needs and wants? well first, needs are the basic requirements for a person to live. Examples of these may be Food, Clothing and shelter. Food gives a person energy so that a person can move around and work, clothing is a persons clothes to wear to cover some body parts in private and public places. Shelter is also a basic need for a person to rest, sleep in. For our needs we may include also education, transportation, medical protection and etch.

when we do not have the money to acquire these basic needs life will be hard and difficult for us. BUt how then do we know if this thing we want to acquire is a need or a want. For instance we go to the first basic need :


food cooked from our home is as nutritous as it is when cooked in a hotel or restauant. Although sometimes there are instances when buying food is more convinient and cheaper to buy than to prepare and cook, like the ones who live alone. The way to go then would be to wiegh which will come out cheaper but at the same time still nutritiuos.


We need money to get around be it riding in your own car, a bus, cab, motorcycle or a bicycle. If you buy a car it is alright to buy a car as long as you can afford it, buying an expensive car with little monthly income becomes a want but buying a cheap car that can bring you to work everyday with no hassle is practical.


Enrolling one self to an expensive school may fall into the wants category, depending again on your status in life. Quality education need not be expensive you should be able to compare and weigh what you want to get out of your education. There are so many options that you can choose from, there are short courses that is offered that you may also take into consideration that are also quality education. When enrolling oneself, you should see to it that you are capable to pay for its price.


From time to time we also need to take a break from our life at work, school to help us cope with everyday stress. We can go watch a movie, buy a book, go to the park, barrow a book at the public library, visit a public beach. There are so many ways to relax our mind, We just need to be creative. It only becomes a want if we pay for a liesure activity that we dont really have the capacity to pay. one would be to go on a trip to europe and have it on credit and pay for it for the next five years of your life, then it is considered as a want.


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