Biological Functions Of Anabolic Steroids

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Anabolic steroids have been used by a large group of bodybuilders, athletes and medical professionals for various medical and nonmedical purposes. No doubt there are several positive effects of steroids, but also some side effects with these drugs bind.

Because steroids are effective in what they do, a number of medical professionals, athletes and bodybuilders prefer to use. These are compounds that increase muscle and other male features to develop more of its natural growth. They have two different anabolic and androgenic effects. anabolic effects are responsible for tissue accumulation within the cells while standing androgenic effects to maintain and develop male reproductive traits, increasing the size of the vocal cords and body hair, etc.

Talking about the history of anabolic steroids, these substances have been identified and isolated by a German chemist Adolf Butenandt in 1930’s. After that, we made some experiments to synthesize a more potent hormone – testosterone. In 1939, the scientific community has had success and as a hormone testosterone to improve performance. During the period of 1940, had begun using steroids among professional athletes and bodybuilders. A further compound was developed in 1952 to achieve better results with fewer side effects. This was the first by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved steroid called Dianabol. Steroids are commonly used by athletes, especially weight lifters and athletes who use these drugs to improve their performance on the field in international competitions. Later, the excessive use of steroids by athletes and athletes led to the ban.

Like all performance-enhancing drugs, steroids also manipulate the level of hormones produced by the body. The generation of the effects of steroids testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (two sex hormones), increase anabolic protein synthesis in living cells resulting in the accumulation of cellular tissue, especially in muscles. This would help users rapidly increasing their muscle and bone size. From a medical standpoint, steroids are very effective in treating some medical conditions such as cancer and diseases associated with the cause of muscle wasting. In addition, patients with asthma, kidney disease and other hormonal disorders can also be well treated with these compounds. Steroids are consumed orally, but are available as an injection and cream well.

Anabolic steroids have drawbacks as well, with some possible side effects attached with long-term use in the excess amount. Users may experience some effects like mood swings, voice deepening, decreased sperm count, increased breast size and development of hair, facial and body etc. All these effects are short lived and can be eliminated following a healthy diet and regular exercise during the steroid cycle. For best results with fewer side effects, anabolic steroids are consumed in a pre-planned cycle usually 6 to 7 weeks. In the initial stage, should take a much lower dose to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Later, the amount can be increased periodically based on the capacity and the target user. When it comes to buying anabolic steroids, the way online shopping is considered the best way. Visiting some reliable web sites, you can find some quality products at reasonable prices. If you buy steroids online, you can go to comparison shopping to purchase at reduced prices.


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