The Lack of Trace Elements Can Cause Hair Loss

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Trace elements can affect human health. They are the components of the enzyme, hormones, vitamins and nucleic acids. If people are not adequate supplement trace elements like zinc, calcium, iron and copper, which can be severely disrupted by various problems such as loss of hair.


Zinc is the essential material for the formation of more than 300 types of enzymes. At the same time playing an important role in accelerating the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. The lack of zinc can be caused by inadequate supplementation and disturbed absorption. According to research, lack of zinc can seriously affect hair growth and even cause hair loss.


Calcium plays an important role in protecting the heart, nerves, muscles, bones, teeth, skin and hair of the human body. If people find that their hair has turned gray gradually, should supplement calcium to resolve the problem in time.


Iron can effectively maintain normal metabolism in the human body. At the same time, is an essential component of hemoglobin. The normal hair growth can be disturbed by the lack of iron. If people can not absorb adequate amounts of iron over time, alopecia areata and hair loss can be induced in earnest.


Copper proper supplementation can improve iron absorption, to maintain the integrity of the cardiovascular system and protect the immune system. The appearance of hair loss can probably indicate a lack of copper inside the human body. If people tend to maintain a balanced diet, not be disturbed by copper deficiency. Copper deficiency only occurs when the intestine and kidney is injured.

In order to prevent the formation of hair loss, people should maintain a reasonable diet to supplement the vitamins, trace elements and minerals over time. The intake of foods such as vegetables, fruits and fish should be moderately increased. According to modern medicine, people often eat the liver of animals, black sesame, walnut, lean meat and soybeans to supplement iron, zinc, calcium and copper. Also, if possible, people can eat Polygonum multiflorum. Polygonum multiflorum contains abundant amino acid, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, zinc and iron. Polygonum multiflorum intake can not only prevent hair loss, but also improve the natural immunity to the human body.


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